Kipper: Collect one’s thoughts – Rich Good Lord – A Small Child


I really like it when a daily is just that, a daily.

When I saw the Rich Good Lord, I immediately thought of our financial trader friend. I commented to my husband that “D” is contemplating what he’s going to do with the money that’s coming in. There is an offer that he’s going to put forth to you.

Lo and behold! he called within a half hour of doing the cards. He is on the verge of receiving monies from quite a few deals, and called to share his thoughts with us. He gave us an mls# to a house he wants to procure for us when we transfer out West. When I saw it, I was grinning pretty widely.

Everything is coming full circle now. I can almost see why we have gone through this difficult time, getting rid of many things from the past. Symbolically, they don’t fit the new life we are going to lead very soon. After perusing the photos of this property, I felt alot better about the things I let go….(Everything except my piano, that is…)

Life really is full of surprises.

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