Playing cards talk about my daughter-


I haven’t been able to get near my computer! it’s been really bugging me 🙂

First a total meltdown, which I finally fixed and reloaded all the software…only not to have any time to write about my cards! I’m thinking of getting up extra early or stay up very late (!) to find some time for myself. I can see at least 2 more weeks of hectic living before it settles back down. All the kids will be out of the nest then, for the first time in my life….very strange feeling.

I mention this, as it’s pertinent to the drawing I did last Thursday. We were having delay after delay in receiving the money that was due; and it had caused a lot of stress on whether or not we would be able to go forward in sending my youngest daughter off to Uni after all. Of all the kids, she’s the one who deserves and needs to go the most- She was one of 30 in her graduating class that had High Honors 🙂

A deadline of Friday for more of the fees was looming, and no hope of being able to pay.

The Jack of Diamonds represents my daughter. It usually comes up as the “student card” for me, or my Virgo child. It also comes up for my step-daughter a lot, as it represents a young relative by marriage.

In this instance it related to my daughter, Vanessa, and the worry surrounding her situation. Fortunately, I saw the 7 of Clubs and the Queen of Diamonds as us being able to work things through with the woman in charge at the University.

The 7 of Clubs can relate to work and what someone does, but it can also have the meaning of talking things through, working things through; in this case with the Queen of Diamonds.

I was so stressed over this, that I developed mouth ulcers!

Luckily, the next day, it worked out as the cards predicted : we were able to get an extension. So we will have the money and the ability to pay in time. All too close to the wire, for sure, but we’re getting there!