Gypsy cards again

Agggh! I deliberated sharing these draws, because they were not happy ones and I wasn’t a happy camper! But I’ve come out the other side of these draws, which were spot on target. So I can share, knowing that I’m ok now 🙂

Just the other day, I drew:


I rolled my eyes because I knew something was going to happen that would have me critically looking and re-evaluating my feelings towards my mate. I prayed I was wrong…but should have known better.

The night of that draw, we were sitting having what I thought was a nice time, when all of a sudden my mate threw a complete “wobbly” and turned on me. He picked a fight, on of all matters, money. We have endured some of the most difficult hardships and did so with grace. I found it ironic, as our fortunes are changing, that he would now start a fight about an issue that was purely hypothetical, and probably wouldn’t happen.

It pushed me past diplomacy and I blew. At that moment, I didn’t care about any physical situation, wealth or non-wealth….I spent the entire night wondering if I wanted to be with this person any longer! It was completely a matter of Judge-Love-Sweetheart!

The next day, he tried to act like it hadn’t happened; tried to erase it….but my mind and heart just aren’t wired that way. I didn’t want to draw cards that morning, I could have cared less! I didn’t want to know another thing.

Sure enough, I did do the cards, and glaring back at me on the table were these 3 cards:


They didn’t need any explanation- even my husband knew what they meant. I had a day of sad, wistful thoughts about my 10 year marriage; wondering if we would be able to recapture what we lost during these hard times.

The jury is out on this one….I’m like an elephant, I don’t forget when I’ve been maligned. Only time will tell.

Deep down, I know we belong together, but one can only take so much! sigh