4 of Pentacles + The Fool + 6 of Wands

I have been lax in posting more tarot readings, forgive me! I read tarot daily (both my husband and I do) and I have always gleaned great insights from the cards. I think it’s just that after years of reading strictly tarot, I was excited to share all the different oracle cards that are pretty cool too! but I must remember to give credit to my first love, Tarot.

I included in my morning draws, a 3 card tarot draw besides doing my daily celtic reading.

This is what I drew:

4 of DisksFool6 of wands

The 4 of Pentacles (discs) on a basic level can denote financial stability. It can describe having personal┬ácontrol and self reliance. Now I’ve got to be honest, if any of you have been reading my posts for awhile, this year has been just the opposite for my family….filled with shifting sands financially. It’s been a very humbling experience for someone who has lived a pretty prosperous life.

I was pleased to see this card, as in combination with the Fool and the 6 of Wands I believe it is telling me that I’m about to start a new chapter in my life with financial security and accomplishment.

The 4 of Pentacles can refer to a gift or an inheritance on it’s way, and as we are waiting on 2 different lots of funds to arrive, (one to do with a legal win) it’s possible the victory felt has to do with that.

Simply put, I think that a new financial chapter is about to begin that will be very successful ­čÖé

The only warning here, with the 4 of pentacles is not to be stingy! after being without for so long, I mustn’t hold on too tight. We are being taken care of, I know – so I must keep the energy flowing and remember to stay generous.

Sibilla Originale – La Lettera+Leggerezza+Il Ladro

I had a drawing yesterday with the Sibilla, that intrigued me. I continually get ‘Il Ladro’ (the thief) to represent the ‘Spiritual Guru’ woman who lost the court case to my husband. She has been ordered to pay a hefty settlement & has avoided doing so. She is shortly due to go back before the same judge for contempt….┬á here is what I drew:


La Lettera is either news, or message, or papers; it could even mean an offer or proposal.

So I knew that there could be news or an offer coming from the ‘Thief’; but what of La Leggerezza? (The Butterfly)

La Legerezza represents something that is fleeting, that doesn’t stay constant, moving from one thing to another. It also represents insufficient seriousness and here’s the crux:

I believe that La Lettera and La Leggerezza combined denote a “not serious” offer, in other words, a frivolous offer from Il Ladro (thief).

I have warned my husband to be prepared for a silly offer from her, as she tries to avoid the judge- I know right now, that my husband has no intention of giving her a discount for her outrageous behavior! I’ll update-