Pages of Shustah- Playful Page, Butterflies, Death

Green 11 Playful PageYellow 3 ButterfliesRed 1 Death

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve drawn from the Pages of Shustah. They can be very insightful cards.

The Playful Page is a card of non-seriousness, of amusement and the Lower Self. Light times, basically. This is a card that I’m surprised to draw, because that doesn’t reflect my past couple of months at all! lol

The Butterflies is a card of change, but I think like the Sibilla Butterfly, it’s fleeting/inconstant…. in the Sibilla, the Butterfly card can also represent not being serious; so I have 2 cards denoting playful and light times.

The Death card is the Outcome,and  like in any deck, means big change – transformation.

Tentatively putting these together, there seems to be a major change in my life, where things will be more fun and playful…the intense seriousness of this past year are going to pass away? I certainly hope that’s the case! lol