Gypsy cards – there is definitely a change in the air


What wonderful cards! All I can gather is that there is money coming to me? and that this changes my luck and circumstances…? that’s really all that comes to mind.

Or the abundance that I continually play with in my mind 🙂 (called appreciation and gratitude…that makes me rich in Spirit) actually manifests in the Physical in a change of circumstances for the better. This would be a stretch for a cold reading, but it does reflect what is going through my thoughts constantly….I continue to hold my tone/vibration to what I prefer, joyously imagining what I want to have happen; and this will bring about change. It’s the Law of Attraction in action, and I’ve had too many correlations to what I’m thinking and feeling to what comes into my life, to ever doubt it!

I think my creative visualisation sessions are going to bear fruit 🙂

*Forgive my diversion from just reading the cards, but it just popped in my mind and I try not to censor!

The one thing that we always can choose are our thoughts, if we become sensitive and aware of them; and in so doing we change our attitudes and how we reflect back out into the world. Many thoughts are just habitual ones that don’t serve us very well. When you make it your intent that nothing is more important than feeling good, you change those patterns of thought, and ultimately change what’s going on around you…..or at the very least, your reactions to what is going on around you!

These cards just seemed to say that I’m rich in Spirit, and if nothing else, that’s darn good 🙂