Check out this wonderful work!!!

I wanted to bring to your attention the work of a very talented artist. He is a member of another cartomancy forum that I frequent and I’m continually inspired by his work.

He has just created a very simple, but elegant Lenormand deck that I thought you might be interested in. It’s called the Lenormand Arlo. 






Arlo has also made an array of absolutely breathtaking boxes for your tarot and oracle card collections.

Here is an example:



As soon as I am in funds, I plan on obtaining a deck and one of his gorgeous boxes 🙂

Check out his and his wife’s Etsy store here.


23 Court9 A Change15 Love and Friendship

The day in court came and went, with the Cult lady appearing with a new lawyer. She was supposedly demure and polite (ha!) Her lawyer ate plenty of humble pie, and managed to keep his client out of jail for contempt….for the moment. The Judge ordered her to appear for a debtor’s exam that she avoided for a year; something that she is desperate not to face. The meeting is for next week.

Every single reading or draw that I have done that relates to this drama, continuously shows an agreement being made.

Here we have Court (or legal situation) and a Change, leading to Love and Friendship. Now we will never be friends! lol but this card shows up a lot for me to denote agreements being made. These cards, once again seem to infer that there will be a change in stance over this legal dispute and that something will be hammered out.

When it comes to this situation, my “daily” draws have turned into theme draws or showing me what I most need to know, rather than what’s going to happen on that day. My Higher Self is trying to reassure me, I think!

(This used to happen before hubby and I came together as a couple – they would consistently show me that we would come together, even though the opposite looked more likely; so I know better than to doubt the cards!)

It’s staying patient and trusting that’s the hard part.