Check out this wonderful work!!!

I wanted to bring to your attention the work of a very talented artist. He is a member of another cartomancy forum that I frequent and I’m continually inspired by his work.

He has just created a very simple, but elegant Lenormand deck that I thought you might be interested in. It’s called the Lenormand Arlo. 






Arlo has also made an array of absolutely breathtaking boxes for your tarot and oracle card collections.

Here is an example:



As soon as I am in funds, I plan on obtaining a deck and one of his gorgeous boxes 🙂

Check out his and his wife’s Etsy store here.

3 comments on “Check out this wonderful work!!!

  1. Hello! If I may please, I’d like to adda comment, quoting from our product descrption, as regards the artwork:

    Images for each card were found, adapted, edited, re-sized, and artistically altered to create a truly traditional deck. The original Images are mainly Public Domain from the late 19th and early 20th centuries with special additions from the artist’s private collection, copyright as applicable.

    (Colour) Antique Playing Card images were used for the small inset playing cards and add to a traditional feel.

    They are printed on Heavy Cardstock, 80# (216 grams/meter sq.), in a lightly shaded Gray Linen. Californian made cardstock is 30% post consumer fibre, and made with renewable (wind) energy.

    Hope that helps!
    ~from Etsy

  2. Thank you Team Lavengro for your clarifications. I had planned to give more information, but had internet problems this week-
    I am looking forward to receiving a deck and featuring them here on this blog.
    Stay tuned 🙂

    Best Regards,

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