Pages of Shustah –

Red 1 DeathGreen 11 Playful PageGreen 3 Unicorn

DeathPlayful PageUnicorn

This morning I thought I would share a draw from the Pages of Shustah deck. The drawings always remind me of wood cut blocks that you then roll ink onto and print. They are beautiful.

I was very intrigued to see what I drew, as they showed graphically something that I am experimenting with. I have begun working in earnest with a method taught by a Meg Blackburn Losey, who is very accomplished in the Spiritual/New Age field. She is an energetic healer, and channels Higher Beings, and a successful author of two books.

She started out experimenting with movement and sound, and discovered that she was able to access Gamma waves within her brain. The continued use of movement and music, combined with sensing subtle energy, opened her up to seeing in other dimensions and working with the Masters.

I have, in the past worked with her method, called “Movement to Spirit”- but stopped when I started affecting everything electrical around me! Computers went haywire, electronic doors at the grocery store would misfunction, and wristwatches became unusable.

Now, I’ve been prompted to work again with her method, but using music composed with the Solfeggio frequencies; and I must admit, it was immediately powerful.

So back to the cards!:

I drew Death, which shows a major change or a transformation occuring.

I then have the Playful Page, and what really caught my eye is that he/she looks like they are dancing and moving the energy in a balanced flow. Look at the smile! This movement to Spirit feels really good!

And what comes from doing this exercise? the Unicorn, which represents the subtle energies.

I immediately got the message from the Shustah to continue working with this method as I will have major changes in my awareness of the subtle energy fields. I plan on honoring this message! lol

I’m back to meditating regularly and focusing on my Spiritual path.

*note- later in the day, I came across a post on Kaph’s Shustah blog about the Unicorn, in which he wrote:

“Specifically, The unicorn can indicate a loss of control over a situation, or it may reveal an situation that is outside of the individual’s control or sphere of influence.  The Unicorn is always a warning that focused attention is needed at this time in the area influenced by this card.

The Unicorn can also indicate a lack of focus, and failure to “follow through” on a situation.  In other words, the individual is scattering his or her energies.”

I identify with the advice/warning that focused attention is needed, and to be sure to follow through…..that definitely speaks to me as well…..I can have that transformation as long as I stay committed and continue with it.

Check out Meg’s website here.

Learn more about the Solfeggio frequencies at Dr. Len Horowitz’s site – he is the one who rediscovered them; or by checking out YouTube videos here.