Kipper draw- A Journey, Gain/Win/lots of money/Rich Good Lord


This draw was done at the same time as a lenormand draw, featured on my sister blog “The Lenormand Oracle” that reflected the same message.

I don’t know if anyone else out there in cyberspace does a series of draws with different systems, but I’ve found it fascinating to see how all the different decks will present a Theme for the day….different little pieces of the puzzle!

I kept staring at A Journey and Lots of Money when I finally realized that it represented a money transfer! lol Money literally taking a journey 🙂 facilitated by the Rich Good Lord.

This is a gent in another country, who we’ve been waiting for his funds to clear. They finally have. We found out that money is to be transferred on Monday.

I’m just tickled pink to see that a string of dailies are popping off the page and happening quickly; sometimes they take much longer than I would like.