Pages of Shustah: Capricorn, Butterflies,Gnomes

The Premise: Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which can slow progress somewhat. Capricorn also rules the 10th house of business and career. It’s the sector of worldly attainment. Position and security will be attained, but it may take patience.

Fearlessness is also an attribute of Capricorn; by facing one’s fears and moving through them you gain power and self-confidence, as Ken Foor says.

I have definitely been facing my fears….head on. I am determined to adapt and stay strong.

The Situation or Problem: Butterflies denote transformation. There is a major change in the air, and in one’s self.

There is great anticipation, expectation, joy and peace with the upcoming days. There is a new beginning coming my way. Again, adaptability is called for.

The Butterflies mean that something is temporary as well; coming just after slow progress and having to face my fears with Capricorn, I take that as a good sign 🙂

The Result: Gnomes tell us not to give up. There is progress through perseverance. Continue to be industrious. Hang in there. There is transmutation with the Gnomes, of turning base metal into gold. I see them as coming forth to give me a precious nugget, a gift.

These cards are telling me that the slow times in Capricorn are about to change, and that through this experience there will be a gift of Spirit – I will be literally changed. I am definitely being tempered….

Not knowing these cards very well, I am very impressed with what I drew. It certainly fits my life experience at the moment, and it reflects the hopeful change that so many of the oracles I explore describe.

Thank you Pages of Shustah~

Fortune – Visit – Sweetheart

The Fortune card is a sight for sore eyes (literally!). It foretells of a change in circumstances for the better, or literally a change in fortune. Something good is about to happen.

The Visit card comes up when there are discussions, or meetings. Maybe I’m going to be the one (Sweetheart) to receive a phone call with good news. The Visit card can also represent a short period of time, so possibly this positive change is literally almost to my door.

This would mean more than I can say 🙂 it’s been a challenging time. I know that once this comes to pass, I will forever be changed. What I’ve been through has tempered me into something different, a person with different priorities. I will never take for granted any good fortune that comes my way!

Hello everyone :)

A great deal has been happening around my family, some of it very stressful. Although my readings continue on to show not only relief, but great success, we aren’t there yet …..and have been challenged to really think outside of the box to stay above water. This has been a humbling experience to say the least!

I have had some interesting synchronicities and I feel, help from Spirit.

My husband decided he would try to sell his dress watch for some much needed funds. He put up an ad on Kijiji with the details. A day later, a nice gentleman called him inquiring about the watch. As the conversation unfolded, it turned out that he was also an Englishman who emigrated to Canada, and amazingly had lived in the same little town that my husband had for years! He knew all the places that we did! lol. That was strange in itself, but the clincher came when he told my husband that he had posted a ‘Wanted’ ad for the exact model of watch that my husband posted for sale!!! We hadn’t seen it!

I definitely think that the Universe lined up that nice match 🙂

Today, just after a rushed morning with a house showing, we were sitting in the kitchen having a bite to eat. Both of us were very surprised to see this funny looking little white animal with a black spot on it’s tail. I had to ‘Google’ it to be sure that my guess was correct- it was a really cute ferret! Something you never see around here (and I guess was an escaped pet). He did a very funny charm routine with us through the window; it made us both laugh and lighten up after all the stress.

When I have sightings out of the norm of an animal, there is usually a spiritual message there for me. Knowing nothing about ferrets, I did a little research and came across this entry about the spiritual significance of a ferret:

“The ferret is a member of the weasel family.  They are happy playful animals with the curiosity of the raccoon and the gentleness of a kitten.  Archaeological and historical sources suggest that ferrets have been domesticated for at least 2,500 years.  Historical documents from Greece mention the ferret about 450 BC, and Roman documents mention the use of ferrets to hunt rabbits at about the time of Christ. Adept at tunnel hunting it is believed that the ferret was used by the Egyptians as well as farmers and mariners to control rodent populations in barns and on ships.  However, the history of the ferrets domestication is speculative without actual proof giving this little animal an illusive quality.

Ferrets are opportunists  They will steal anything they can drag away hiding it in a safe place to be used at a later date.  Intelligent and crafty this little animal teaches us how to use our ingenuity to create a safe haven for ourselves.  They remind us to stock up on  necessary provisions that might be needed.  Always well prepared for any situation that might appear the ferret is a helpful ally in times of hardship.

The ferrets eyes point forward straight down their nose.  Extremely focused on what is in front of them they remind us to stay centered on our goals to reach a desired outcome. Ferrets hold the power of observation. Their keen sense of smell coupled with their ability to see clearly in the darkness links them to the underworld where the secrets of creation are stored.  Its intuition is sharp and its sensitivity acute. Ferret has the ability to see and know the hidden meaning behind all things and can assist those with this medicine in understanding themselves, their lives and the experiences they have more clearly.

Those with this totem need to remember to use all of their senses equally. If this medicine is underdeveloped the tendency towards tunnel vision is common. Rigid consciousness creates unnecessary worry and anxiety so caution is advised. Playful activities and a lighthearted attitude is helpful.

When frightened or excited the ferrets tail bushes up and a musty scent is excreted. Although this scent does repel some predators the ferret does not feel completely safe until it has burrowed deep inside its tunnel. In man this symbolizes the need of a secure home life.  A place for reflection and nourishment is mandatory for those with this totem.

Ferrets are incredibly fast and agile and show us how to move with lightning speed to avoid danger.  Do you need to move more quickly in some aspect of your life?  Are you stuck in rigid thought patterns that limit your view of the bigger picture?  Have you created a safe haven for yourself?  Is your power of observation a hindrance or a help?

Always remember that the ferret is a powerful ally and can help you discover a hidden part of yourself. Buried deep beneath the surface are the answers to life’s mysteries.  If you are having trouble understanding some part of your life invite the ferret into your meditation, listen to what it has to tell you and then act accordingly.”

I resonated with this message greatly! I will definitely invite this little fellow into my meditation and see what happens.

I hope that Life will finally settle down shortly and leave me some time and energy to be active here on the blog again.

In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving this week to all my fellow Americans down South….may you have a wonderful Holiday.

The Kabbalah Deck ~

For someone who loves to express her thoughts through writing, it is very difficult to admit that I couldn’t bring myself to write. It’s not that I haven’t had very interesting draws or readings that I could have shared, but that my mental attitude plummetted to a place that wasn’t conducive to writing.

Have you ever found with your cartomancy practice (no matter whether it’s tarot or oracle) that there are times that the readings are consistently good, but they don’t seem to manifest in Reality? or more to the point, don’t manifest quickly enough?  🙂

I had this happen once before when I fell in love with my now-mate. I read only tarot at the time, and they continually told me that I would end up with this man….even when he went off with someone else for a year! Not only did the cards stay true to the message, but so did any English psychic, medium, or card reader that I saw! What was being shared, smacked in the face of what I was living in the physical; and frankly, I had a crisis of Faith. I put my cards away for a year.

Now, although I lost confidence and faith, the cards were correct and so were the readers – we did end up together and have been happily together for a decade. I have shared that story a few times with people, in the knowing that sometimes you just need to Trust & Surrender.

Well, you would think having already gone through such an experience, it wouldn’t come back to haunt me again! but it has. I have had draws/readings hand over fist showing financial breakthroughs and positive changes, while on the physical, Life just seems to throw one hefty challenge after another.

Although my cards have never waivered, I got so low emotionally that I waivered. I have felt myself retreat into a shell over the past week or so, not wanting to write or think about the cards…..something totally alien to me.

In the midst of all of this, I have been beginning in earnest studying the fundamentals of Qabalah to expand my understanding of Tarot. I’ve been listening to the Tarot School’s “Painless Qabalah for Tarot Readers” audio course and have been fascinated. Over the past 10-15 years I have instinctively collected books on the subject, but found them initially so dry and foreign that I never made any headway with them. Now with Wald Amberstone’s wonderful dialogues, it’s starting to click; and I’m rediscovering my library 🙂

I remembered today, that I bought quite a few years ago, The Kabbalah Deck, by Edward Hoffman. It has sat waiting patiently in my closet, for my inner lightbulb to go on! lol and today it did just that.

Here is a review of the Kabbalah Deck from Aeclectic Tarot and a link to Amazon. It is a perfect learning and meditative tool.

I shuffled the cards, and drew one card to see if there was a special message there for me….and was there ever!

I drew the card/hebrew letter ‘nun’.

“Representing the number 50, Nun symbolizes faith and its vibrancy in spiritual life. Kabbalists teach that while forty-nine exalted gates to wisdom exist in the world, above them all lies the fiftieth gate of faith. Nun is the Aramaic word for fish, denoting great fruitfulness and affirms that faith brings us a sense of abundance in our daily existence…….  To amplify your faith, meditate on the letter Nun. Doing so will help you overcome such negative feelings as doubt (!!) and cynicism and even bleakness and despair.”

I was gobsmacked – this card hit the nail on the head, and I knew that Spirit was sending me a strong message.

Keep the faith!

I am going to keep this card out for a few days, and contemplate it, remembering all the times that faith has seen me through; and to trust my cards!!!!   🙂

If you ever come across this deck, think about getting it. This is not in the same league as so many of the cards out there today, these are deep. The book that accompanies the deck is insightful and beautiful.

These wonderful Gypsy cards :)

Little MoneyUnexpected JoySweetheart

This is a draw that I had some time last week. I wrote them down in my card journal, and cracked a remark that it would take more than a Little Money to bring me Unexpected Joy! Lol

Well, I was totally wrong!!!!

A few days later, I bought a single ticket on the national lottery here, and was shocked to see that I had 4 out of the 6 numbers! It was only worth 79.00, but it had me grinning from ear to ear – I’m such a sucker 🙂

I missed 5 out of 6 by one digit which would have been worth a heck of alot more…oh well.

So the cards showed 2 or 3 days before, and I had forgotten about it until I actually realized I had won something.

I love these funny little cards 🙂

I’m back! hopefully for good this time :)

I have been disconnected from the WWW for a bit of time now, thanks to my laptop getting a nasty virus and needing to go into the shop. You might say, that my dear friend went down with the Flu! It’s so nice to have it back 🙂

While she was gone, I continued to do readings, and also have been listening to a wonderful audio course from the Tarot School on the Minor Arcana. I can’t recommend their work highly enough! I’ve been reading the tarot for most of my life, (with great success, I might add) but I found myself re-thinking the minor arcana in delightful ways after listening to this one course. My ‘time-out’ was well spent, as it has brought the tarot back into my enthusiastic focus, once more. After 20+ years, I am wanting to delve much deeper.

As I said, I’ve read the tarot very well for years, and I’ve known people who are amazing with the tarot without any formal training….totally using their psychic faculties; but I was surprised at all the little things I learnt, listening to this course! I wish I had found it years ago 🙂

In one session they were talking about the 9 of Swords. This is not a nice card, by any means. Most commonly it is regarded as someone who is caught up in their worries so deeply that they can’t let go. It’s being trapped in the ‘monkey mind’ and being ruled by it.


Another aspect of this card was brought to my attention though; it’s also the card of aggression, violence etc. There is a carving on the bed of the Rider Waite decks, that shows physical violence ( not very clearly here – sorry).

I also read a lot with the playing cards, and sometimes post them here. Recently, my husband drew these:


The 4 of Clubs can mean a telephone call, so I thought he might receive a  call that caused him some worry. Since both the 9 and the Ace of Spades can lean that way, I knew I was missing something. News of a death?getting a phone call and hearing that someone is ill? what???

A few days later, I heard my husband take a call from a creditor that we owe money to. We’ve fallen behind on a few bills sadly, and it’s caused a great deal of stress.

This creditor wasn’t being nice, though….he was being very pushy and aggressive, so much so, that my husband hung up on him! It was hearing his end of the conversation, that the penny finally dropped for me.

The 9 of Spades was, in this case, referring to aggressive, bullying behavior – just as had been mentioned for the 9 of Swords in the audio course.

So the meaning of this draw came through within 2 days – a bullying, not-nice phone call that would cause worry (Ace of Spades)-

It was an awful experience – but I got a wonderful insight on this card! LOL

(*I sometimes think I live on another planet…. haha)

update: This draw also had a second level to it. My husband also received a telephone call from his daughter in England. She’s come down with a flu which has him worried, but luckily not the Swine variety.