2010 already!

Happy New Year Everyone! I took the month of December and early Jan. off from writing. I needed a break and some time to deal with family and holidays.

I never stopped reading the cards (haha) but found that I was feeling burned out from outside pressure and needed some time to rest and re-group. I’m doing better now, and have missed everyone.

I’ve discovered that when you are going through an intense Life lesson, the “dailies” turn into a themed message for the most part. I have had a scattering of true dailies in the past month, some which I will share; but more often than not, the cards wanted to reiterate to me that I was going to be fine, and that legal/financial issues would clear up.

Unfortunately, having the cards keep repeating 2 major issues can make for frustration!

The legal case should be finished one way or the other next week, as my husband travels back to the states to go to court one last time. We are planning on having a ceremonial burning of the tarot deck that we used throughout that ordeal to clear the energy, and buy a new deck to start this year off.

(I have many collector decks, but I don’t offer them up to my intense Tiger husband! lol – so it’s time for a new everyday tarot deck for him to use. I’m funny about the decks I’ve collected throughout my life……I guess a little eccentric! I just  don’t want other people using them regularly! does anyone else feel that way about their collection?)

I’m going to go make a cup of tea now, and look through my notes to see what I’d like to post 🙂 Be back in a little while~

Here’s to a Happy New Year &  a fresh New Chapter………..

4 comments on “2010 already!

  1. Happy New Year, Spirity! Will be glad to have you back online!! You’ve been missed. I like the idea of ceremoniously burning the deck that traveled this journey with you. Seems a fitting end for all!

    Hope 2010 is a spectacular year for you and the hubs!


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