Playing cards~

I drew these earlier this week. I thought they were referring to my female cousin that I had been in contact with. I couldn’t see how they might relate to me, to be honest, not then.

The 8 of Hearts usually refers to a relationship; not necessarily a romantic one.

The 8 of Swords describes this relationship as being one-sided, out of balance somehow. It also has the meaning of feeling trapped.

I knew this all pertained to the Queen of Hearts, (which is also me) but at the time of the draw I was happy and looking forward to my husband returning.

He wasn’t home 24 hours before there was a blow up over our dog. It quickly escalated, sadly; and the happy, loving feelings I had felt earlier, were replaced with feeling absolutely trapped in a relationship that is all about ‘him’. Had I had the funds to leave, I think I would have! This connects to the Lenormand draw that I did a day later, which I’ve written about here.

So here’s a draw that I totally didn’t see for me, thinking I would hear about another Queen of Hearts with a relationship issue, never for once thinking that I would feel so awful, so quickly! sigh*  The cards are something else!

Now if only the great draws that I have also had this week would manifest so quickly!!!!!

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