The Oracle of Fortuna

Jason on his great blog, Jase on Cards, wrote an interesting article about an Oracle system devised by Ophiel, using a deck of playing cards. It was not something I had heard of before, although I have a series of Ophiel’s books in pdf.

Lo and behold! I discovered that I had it in my vast collection and had never noticed it!

I thought I would share this pdf with any interested cartomancers, as it’s availability and price are ridiculous.

SO for a limited time, you can get it here.

2 comments on “The Oracle of Fortuna

  1. This is MUCH appreciated Spiritsong, thank you!
    I’m very interested in this Oracle.
    I first heard about it from Kaph’s AoC site and then found you through Jason’s blog.
    I look forward to checking out your sites as well as Ophiel (wish there were more hours in a day!)

    With much gratitude,

    • You are so welcome!! lol

      I’ve had real withdrawal symptoms from not being able to be a regular contributor at Kaph’s this last year. I used to be on alot! There’s so much to learn and survival gets in the way!
      When I have more time I definitely want to work with this oracle too –

      Glad you stopped by 🙂



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