Block of 9 visualised~

Celeste mentioned confusion at trying to follow the Block of 9 Spread, so I’ve made up some diagrams that might help visualise the process better.

First, you read the Horizontal rows:

Then, you read the vertical rows:

Then, you read the diagonals:


(make a decision on which direction you want to read the 2nd diagonal, and stick with it)

Then, you read the 4 corners:

And finally, you read the 4 cards that make up the Diamond:

The last 2 have more attributions to them and I’ve been searching through my notes to try to find the exact meanings…not there yet.

They are a summary in basic terms, but I will try to find what I jotted down in my notes 🙂

*edit: The diamond cards: # 2-4-6-8 represent the Central Theme.

The 4 corners #1-3-7-9  give the summary of the reading.

3 comments on “Block of 9 visualised~

  1. Hi SpiritSong!
    My name is Sonia and my nick name is Estrela da Cigana( in forum), I am brazilian and love cards. Actually I am writting a book about Lenormand. In my lot of researchs, I found The Art of Cartomnacie Forum and your Blog too!
    I have created a spread with nine cards that I use with a playng cards, different this , and I want to Know, if you have a good results using this block of nine with Lenormand Cards?
    I dont have a very good english,so I hope you can understand me!!!
    By and Tanhk you so much!
    Sonia Boechat(Estrela da Cigana)

  2. Hi Sonia!

    You’re English is just fine 🙂 I have always wanted to visit Brazil!

    I have had very good results with the Block of 9 spread for the lenormand. Usually the time frame is around 3 months, but sometimes it is much sooner.

    I’m discovering that it works extremely well with quite a few other oracles as well, such as the kipper and the gypsy cards.

    Glad to hear that you are writing a book on the Lenormand 🙂 I have a few books in mind also, but not about them.

    Isn’t Kaph’s forum great? lol

    Best wishes,

    • Thank you Spiritsong, I loved your name!!!
      I’ll try the block of nine, and later I writte to tell about this spread, ok?
      There is some differences between the meaning of the cards, in some countries and Brazil, but I think that is a cultural question.
      And you are sure, Kaph’s forum is a very special place!
      Peace, love and hapyness for you!

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