2 Gypsy draws today~

Every morning, by husband and I have the tradition of having our morning tea or coffee while doing our daily draws and also some spreads. Morning  just doesn’t feel right without that ritual 🙂

This morning, both of us had interesting and correlating Gypsy card draws which I’d thought I’d share.

My husband drew:

we both took this literally to mean there would be unexpected Joy from the Legal ending…..’death to the legal’. Another interpretation could be that the Judge is bringing it to an end, but that wouldn’t bring on Unexpected Joy because we know he will be ending it if we do go back to court on March 5!

So I take this to mean that there is a surprise ending to the legal that makes us very happy –

I drew these 3 cards:

We have both looked at the Loss card as representing the “Loss” that we have endured, the wrong-doings around this legal battle. It is the perfect card to depict how we feel as well.

So here we have a Gift (!) coming concerning that Loss. It’s not something that is ordered by a Judge, but something coming out of the blue; and this again leads us to Unexpected Joy. There is something being offered around this that we are not expecting, and turns out really well.

I can’t help but to read these two draws as hinting to a settlement out of court as their main meanings.

There is always more than one way to interpret the cards.

Another thought came as I was writing here: Gift/Loss….could show me receiving a gift of something that I had formally lost or had to give up. In the midst of our financial struggles, I sold some things that were very dear to me to keep things together. This draw could also be saying that I’m going to receive something back, and that I’ll be overjoyed by it. (first thoughts, my diamond ring or my sewing machine…….!!! how I miss both!)

I hope my personal draw has both layers of meaning……