Separating Fence-Bed-Butterflies

Yikes – not the best draw here, but fitting never the less.

Separating FenceBedButterflies

I am separated and feeling a bit alone as the first card implies.
The second card explains why: I’m sick
The last few days I’ve been heading down hill, and I commented to family yesterday that I felt that my energy had compacted into a tight ball around me. I was up most of the night because of the painful swollen glands…no fun.
I have removed myself from normal daily activities and am hunkering low (my 2 red cards), but fortunately with the Yellow Butterflies, I’d say it will be of short duration, I won’t be sick for long.

The Red Pages are indicative of adversity, challenges & trouble, and the Yellow Pages represent creativity, gain & spiritual awareness…so maybe I will gain some insight or creative time from laying low? I dont know
My head does seem to be swimming with ideas!

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