Sibilla della Zingara~

Early yesterday morning, these cards were drawn. By early evening, I not only understood them more fully, but the meaning had come to pass.

Belvedere, similar to Sospiri, shows a woman who is looking out to the distance, waiting for something. Unlike Sospiri, Belvedere speaks of something coming that the querent will appreciate. It is coming…

Now Domestico is interesting. You see a man-servant opening a door for you to get out of the carriage. He is the supportive, helpful one, who aids you in some way. He is someone close to the family, part of the circle but not a relative. I see Domestico often as either aid or help from somebody, or that there is about to be movement/progress to a situation as the door is opening.

Mercante can represent the one who deals with big finances ie, the trader, the banker, wealthy person etc. It can also represent ‘receiving the goods’ rather than being a person, or it could be a financial institution!

In this case, my sense of it was that it represented our financial trader friend. He is the Mercante in the Sibilla, and the Dog in the Lenormand! (someone we trust and is loyal)-

We were very surprised to find that by afternoon, he had arranged for a sum of money to be transferred into our business account. Enough to get some business done!

By evening, my husband and I were feeling much better as some of the pressure was lifted, and we definitely were appreciating our friend. He had come through!

So remember, Belvedere has a bit more positive twist to it than Sospiri!