Gypsy cards and Kapherus’ Spread~

Our neighborhood has been having internet problems over the past few weeks, so I never know when I’m going to be able to write! at least we’re getting a discount for the poor service!

The other day, I tried out Kaph’s streamlined lenormand spread, but with the Gypsy cards instead. It seems to work very well with other oracles as well.

You shuffle the deck, focusing on a topic for the question. In my example, I focused on the Money card (what a surprise!). Then you lay down 5 cards, whether from the top of the deck (as I do) or by fanning out the cards and picking 5.

The middle position is seen as the ‘House of Money’, and whatever falls in that position will get combined for an answer. You then read the cards traditionally, from left to right, expanding on the message of the middle position.

Here is my example:

House of Money

My question had been “where is the 1st batch of money going to come from? the legal or somewhere else?”.
You can see that I actually drew the Money card as part of the reading. Kapherus says that this just affirms to him that he focused well on his question.

First, I look at the middle position, and see the Enemy card with the ‘invisible’ money card.
At the moment, when the Enemy comes up in a draw for me, it’s referring to a literal Enemy – the only one that my family has – the nasty woman in the legal suit.

So this tells me that money ought to be coming from that direction first.

Death – Money says to me there is a change in financial circumstances, and that the “Enemy” is involved with that change.

Message – House says that there will be word, or news coming to the Home/family.

Interesting…….something seems to be brewing up, and funny enough, as I’m writing this my husband is getting some information about the defendant from an informant! My life has become SO strange in the past few years…

I’ll update on this as soon as I know anything-