Kipper draw~

I have to say, the cards are definitely consistent in their insistence that things are going to change. I just wish that a ‘daily’ would always be a daily, rather than sometimes projecting out. Having said that though, I’m impressed that they reflect what’s most important, rather than just showing mundane matters all the time…….it varies, and I just have to accept that my Higher Self wants  me to know that I’ll be OK. I’m sure that once this hardship has passed, I will start getting more daily type of activities….

Here I have Pleasing Letter – Busy with Work – Gain/Win/lots of Money.

Just reading singly it shows that there is news, or paperwork that involves some work but the reward for that work is money, and lots of it! This sounds like a settlement to me. The defendant is running out of time.

This could also be a business deal that requires alot of paperwork done, but the payoff is big. Once again, both apply so I’m not sure – either will do, I’m not picky, just impatient!!!!!

9 comments on “Kipper draw~

  1. Hi spiritsong

    What a great blog I stumbled on!

    I love the pictures on the Kipper cards (and Lenormand). I have bought some Lenormand cards and now I want the Kipper cards too.

    If you don’t mind me asking, where did you find English Kipper cards or did you add the words to the images yourself?


    • Welcome Helen!

      I made a set, graphically, with English translations 🙂 I wish they’d offer them in English as well.


      • Thanks for letting me know. You are too clever, I’m sure I don’t know how to do that. I am going to order some anyway.

  2. Hello Spiritsong

    I too was wondering how you came to have english cards. Mine are german I have the “classic” KipperKarten and the “Mystisches” one.
    Helen, you can order the Kipper cards on or on amazon.


    • Thanks to both of you.

      I have ordered some from, it worked out easiest (Mystisches Kipperkarten and Lernkarten and Original ASS with book by Regula Fiechter in German, plus a few other Lenormand items!). On ebay you have to buy each item separately and the shipping costs get out of hand (I tried to get the seller to combine items but then they wanted to deal outside ebay and Paypal so I gave them a miss).

      The Mystisches illustrator Urban Trösch has a facebook page, have a look if you are on facebook.

      Ich spreche auch Deutsch (and have German ancestry), just a bit lazy! I also studied French at school and now I am learning Italian.

      BTW I live in South Africa.


  3. Hi Helen and Catherine 🙂

    I’m starting to work on learning French, I have some great course material- just need to dedicate the time. I want to learn Italian too!!! LOL 2 of the most beautiful languages!

    South Africa? I’ve never been, my husband visited many years ago.

    We’ve always had a love affair with France. My husband had a house there, outside of Paris. When we married, we came very close to buying a property south of Carcassonne. Instead we moved to Montana! talk about a change from Europe! Now we live in Nova Scotia Canada 🙂

  4. Hi Lisa and Helen,

    South Africa and Nova Scotia! : I’ve never been to your places but I feel like travelling a lot (in my mind!).

    Lisa, I can help you in french if you want.


  5. My growing card collection is a bit like travelling only cheaper, at least that’s what I tell myself so I don’t feel too guilty:-)

    My father was born in BC, Canada.

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