Pages of Shustah~

The Lord of Authority

Legal Papers

The Wooly Mammoth

The Lord of Authority: “This card can sometimes indicate a time of sacrifice or compromise when submission to someone else’s will is the best course of action. It’s important to maintain a respectful attitude when this card darkens your door.
In a practical sense, I read this card as the police– or really any person or body of persons who have authority over me, and provide safety and security. ” ~Kapherus

Legal Papers: This is the card of written work, of business affairs, and of legal procedures and documents.

On a practical level, this looks like there is about to be legal matters coming to the forefront, with papers being drawn up. Kapherus’ warning that it might indicate a time to compromise or sacrifice, is not wasted on me either. I’m pretty certain that in order to finally end this legal battle, my husband is going to have to accept a lower amount than he was originally awarded.

Wooly Mammoth: This card represents the past, whether the recent or distant.

“It can indicate that a past-life influence is affecting the current situation. Green Mammoth indicates that karma is at play in the events shown by these cards– past actions and events are resurfacing, and will need to be faced and either accepted or resolved.” ~Kapherus

In summary, I believe that the Pages of Shustah are indicating that this legal business is about to come to a head, and that compromise will be needed (on both sides).
The Wooly Mammoth  reaffirms to me that this is a Karmic circumstance, and that destiny is at play here.

I have always felt that my husband was brought half way around the world, within a few miles of this crook, to expose her dirty dealings and abuse. We have paid a high price for fighting her the past 7 years, both economically and energetically (don’t even get me started on the lessons I’ve learnt on the reality of Psychic Attacks!)

I have had many draws with other oracles hinting at the end almost here, but when the Shustah also reflects that, I sit up little straighter!