Tea Leaf Fortune cards~

My husband had asked me to use the Tea leaf fortune cards to see what message I received (which I’ll post below).

He, in turn, drew these three.

Fly – period of ill health or depression – both would be true for my partner at the moment.

Dagger – fear, worries, tense situation – he is under alot of stress at the moment, because of the legal dealings coming to a head next week.

Bird Flying – news on the way – looks like he will be receiving news about this specific subject!

Many of my lenormand readings have hinted out an out of court settlement, almost on the steps of the courthouse… interesting to see if they are all referring to that possibility.

Now, onto my draw!

Bird Flying – I also have news on the way (probably the same news as my husband, but not necessarily)

Tent – a temporary situation – like a gyspy who pitches his tent for the night out in the country, it is only a temporary place to stay…he’ll move on very shortly. This card indicates that certain situations that I am now experiencing are only temporary and that they will soon pass.

Horse –  A short journey. The horse invites me to jump on his back and ride him. Where am I going? lol it indicates a short journey, I won’t be gone long; but it doesn’t tell me whether it’s for business or pleasure.

So, I guess I can surmise that there is news coming that will affect this temporary situation that I am experiencing (which in my case are financial restrictions), and that I will be going on a short trip! Now I don’t have any plans to go anywhere…….my husband is due to fly out March 2nd.

We discussed that if there was an offer to settle before he left to fly, that we might both go back to the states and make it a business/pleasure trip, visiting friends and celebrating the end of this mess. This is the only trip that I can think of.

Something is being hinted at as changing from what we are experiencing now – that’s a very good thing, at any rate!  🙂

I had to go through the entire deck to find my 3 cards, after my husband did his, in order to scan them. I leisurely looked at each picture and the meaning; these cards are really beautiful!! I keep forgetting to work with them!
(You can click on each image to get a better look at the artwork)

Many of the card’s meanings are right in harmony with the Lenormand and other oracles. I am definitely going to give them more exposure in the future.