Malady – House – Thought

Ugh! I drew these last Friday morning, and knew that it couldn’t be good, whatever it was referring to! and I was right.

It became very evident that a “malady” had indeed affected the Home, in the sense of Negative Energy – negative thoughts prevailing.

My husband ended up in a very negative thinking state, that I wasn’t able to cajole him out of, or help him pivot from. It pervaded the entire home, and all I wanted to do was escape!

Thankfully, no one else was home, but it was very tough on me. It only lasted the one day (thank goodness) & the following day, I recognized my mate again ๐Ÿ™‚

At the time though, it was as if a big dark cloud had descended over our Home……….nasty.

Kipper drawing~

Last week sometime, I drew these cards concerning my husband. At the time, we were having marvelous Spring-like weather, and we were all outside doing yard work. There were tons of leaves that needed to be cleared away etc. (I’ve just noticed that the Busy with Work card shows a man gardening! I had forgotten that! lol)

I warned at the time to my husband, not to overdo – especially with the Short Illness card following those 2 cards.

He didn’t overdo, but he ended up with a raging infection in one of his molars. The infection cleared up with a round of penicillin, but then the tooth fractured! He was definitely sidelined by it.

Today we made it to the dentist, where they were able to temporarily stabilise the tooth, until he can decide on whether to get a root canal and a crown, or just have the tooth pulled and get a bridge. Neither are very appealing options ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

The Kipper are very direct, and I am continually surprised at how accurate they are!

Message – Dog – Anger

I love when the cards are straightforward. My husband drew these cards yesterday. I told him that someone close to him was going to hear something that would really make them mad.

We wondered also, if it might mean that my husband would receive an angry message from a friend, but I thought that the message and the anger pertained just to the friend, not to my husband.

Sure enough, we found out today, that our trader friend, “D”, did receive a message from someone working on a trading deal, who was asking to use their credit line up front on a deal, and then they would pay them back (!) – not the protocol for “D”‘s trading deals- so YES, he was quite angry! and that someone got a piece of his mind! lol

It’s interesting when you pick up on people close to you, rather than for yourself. We’re basically radio transmitters and receivers, and pick up on just about anything.

Gypsy cards: Death – Desire – Sweetheart

I was very drawn to these cards this morning- they seemed to be a soothing balm to my tired Soul.

My very first thought was “the ending of Longing & Desire for me.”

I have been the woman looking out the window…in the world, but not really a part of it, this past year.

Funds have been so minimal, that it’s been a game of window shopping, and visualizing in my mind. The Library was my best friend this past year! lol I have looked out longingly wanting to participate, but not being able to…..just watching the world go by…

SO, are these cards telling me that that’s all about to change?? that there’s major change around that particular way of being about to happen? God! I hope so.

I’m afraid I won’t know how to act when the restrictions are lifted, to be honest!

Tea Leaf Fortune cards~

A moment ago, I decided to draw 4 tea leaf cards for a reading…no specific timeframe intended, I just wanted a general message. I drew:

The Boot – Wishbone – Carriage – Firecracker

The Boot gives the advice of ‘putting your nose to the grindstone’ so to speak. Growing up, spending summers in the Hill Country of Texas, we would put on our cowboy boots before going horseback riding, or working in the stables. You never know what kind of muck you might stumble into! or if a horse is going to shift it’s weight and step on you (!!) (I actually had that happen one time, saddling my horse – I would have had a broken foot if it weren’t for the boot!)

So you put on your boots when you’re going to do the hard work and need a little extra protection-

Wishbone seems to tell me that if I make that extra effort (boot) that I will have my wish granted! I will get there (wherever that is)

Carriage reminds me of the Journey card in the Kipper and the Gypsy decks. It could be a physical or mental journey, but it could also denote progress around something….developments..

And Firecracker influences the Wishbone card, so these are exciting developments! or an exciting journey that I’ll be taking.

What on Earth?! LOL

This is either giving me a thumbs up around 2 creative projects that I would dearly like to work on in the year to come. They would both require alot of hard work and research on my part, but would be worth it in the end; or, this is describing something to come that I don’t know about yet.

My fondest wish is that the legal case comes to a final end, and that the work with ‘D’ finally takes off. The partnership of my husband and I with ‘D’, would bring about ALOT of travel to foreign, and sometimes exotic places, and it would mean hard work, but it would be a wonderful adventure.

I have a funny feeling that this is what the cards are referring to -a wish come true, and an adventure to boot! haha

I would like that ๐Ÿ™‚

8 Hearts – Jack Spades – 5 Clubs

The 8 of Hearts bring celebration and good tidings. There are good times and something to appreciate, maybe a party!

The Jack of Spades can describe a young male with certain characteristics, but it also presents itself in my readings many times, like the Page of Swords (tarot). Sudden News that has to be dealt with quickly.

The 5 of Clubs heralds changes and action, either in business dealings or in social.

I would combine the Jack of Spades + the 5 Clubs to mean sudden developments, sudden changes.

So there is some kind of happy celebration because of sudden changes in a situation……


If the Jack is actually a person, it usually represents my oldest son. In that case there would be a lighthearted atmosphere with my son, over some kind of change he’s experiencing.

Either interpretation would be nice, but at the moment I hope for the first! Today is Judgement day with my husband’s legal case….it would certainly be nice to have a sudden change there that had us celebrating! ๐Ÿ™‚


I am a very proud permanent resident of Canada, and look forward to the day when I can become a citizen. There is something very special about this country and it’s people.

As I became caught up in the Olympics, I was right there with my Canadian friends rooting for Team Canada in the Men’s Hockey finals (Sorry U.S. – it was Canada’s time)

There were wonderful commercials that played on CTV during the games. This commercial just had us laughing heartedly and I wanted to share it –

It’s rare that I veer off from cartomancy, but I’ve got Canadian fever right now ๐Ÿ™‚ lol

Congratulations to all the athletes!

Lover – Fidelity – Anger

A few days ago, (I think on Thursday) my husband drew these 3 cards from the Gypsy deck.

I remember telling him that someone close to him, someone loyal, was going to be angry about something. He was worried that his business partner, who comes up as the Dog in the Lenormand, might get angryย  with him for some reason.

I didn’t think so, as the Lover card would have come after the Anger card if it were directed at him. My guess was that he was going to hear about frustrations/upset from someone he liked; maybe lending a a listening sympathetic ear.

I never would have guessed that the dog/Fidelity card would end up representing ME!

Saturday, I woke up happy, but quickly started having heavy burning sensations in my chest. It was the sensation one would have with Bronchitis. It was so sudden and so fierce, it frightened me; I felt as though I was suffocating.

So, I sort of lost my inner balance, and next thing I knew I was acting out towards my husband, yelling at him! I never do that!!and I lost it with our Boxer when she took too long sniffing outside! I was a perpetual short fuse with everything and everyone. My energy was so spikey, that both computers started acting funny when I went near them – it was not a pleasant day! lol

I ended up being the B*tch!!!ย  sighย ย  Fortunately, he knew I wasn’t myself and didn’t take offense ๐Ÿ™‚ I guess you could also say that the Lover was loyal through the Anger episode……