Lover – Fidelity – Anger

A few days ago, (I think on Thursday) my husband drew these 3 cards from the Gypsy deck.

I remember telling him that someone close to him, someone loyal, was going to be angry about something. He was worried that his business partner, who comes up as the Dog in the Lenormand, might get angry  with him for some reason.

I didn’t think so, as the Lover card would have come after the Anger card if it were directed at him. My guess was that he was going to hear about frustrations/upset from someone he liked; maybe lending a a listening sympathetic ear.

I never would have guessed that the dog/Fidelity card would end up representing ME!

Saturday, I woke up happy, but quickly started having heavy burning sensations in my chest. It was the sensation one would have with Bronchitis. It was so sudden and so fierce, it frightened me; I felt as though I was suffocating.

So, I sort of lost my inner balance, and next thing I knew I was acting out towards my husband, yelling at him! I never do that!!and I lost it with our Boxer when she took too long sniffing outside! I was a perpetual short fuse with everything and everyone. My energy was so spikey, that both computers started acting funny when I went near them – it was not a pleasant day! lol

I ended up being the B*tch!!!  sigh   Fortunately, he knew I wasn’t myself and didn’t take offense 🙂 I guess you could also say that the Lover was loyal through the Anger episode……

2 comments on “Lover – Fidelity – Anger

  1. Hi Spiritsong!
    Sometimes I have experiencies + or – like yours. I drew the cards to talk about them in the Blog, just like an exemple of reading…during the day I understanding that is all about me!
    The cards dont lie!
    Kisses fron Brazil…and be ok!

  2. Hi there!

    No they don’t lie! I have the habit of interpreting the fidelity card to be more of a friend, but that’s not really correct.

    Especially since it was next to him (Lover) – it very easily could be describing a mate.
    I just missed it completely, and couldn’t imagine me being so angry that I’d have the Anger card – I rarely get that angry!!

    oh well – they were right, I just totally missed it 🙂

    hugs from Nova Scotia – and I’m doing well now! lol


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