8 Hearts – Jack Spades – 5 Clubs

The 8 of Hearts bring celebration and good tidings. There are good times and something to appreciate, maybe a party!

The Jack of Spades can describe a young male with certain characteristics, but it also presents itself in my readings many times, like the Page of Swords (tarot). Sudden News that has to be dealt with quickly.

The 5 of Clubs heralds changes and action, either in business dealings or in social.

I would combine the Jack of Spades + the 5 Clubs to mean sudden developments, sudden changes.

So there is some kind of happy celebration because of sudden changes in a situation……


If the Jack is actually a person, it usually represents my oldest son. In that case there would be a lighthearted atmosphere with my son, over some kind of change he’s experiencing.

Either interpretation would be nice, but at the moment I hope for the first! Today is Judgement day with my husband’s legal case….it would certainly be nice to have a sudden change there that had us celebrating! 🙂