Tea Leaf Fortune cards~

A moment ago, I decided to draw 4 tea leaf cards for a reading…no specific timeframe intended, I just wanted a general message. I drew:

The Boot – Wishbone – Carriage – Firecracker

The Boot gives the advice of ‘putting your nose to the grindstone’ so to speak. Growing up, spending summers in the Hill Country of Texas, we would put on our cowboy boots before going horseback riding, or working in the stables. You never know what kind of muck you might stumble into! or if a horse is going to shift it’s weight and step on you (!!) (I actually had that happen one time, saddling my horse – I would have had a broken foot if it weren’t for the boot!)

So you put on your boots when you’re going to do the hard work and need a little extra protection-

Wishbone seems to tell me that if I make that extra effort (boot) that I will have my wish granted! I will get there (wherever that is)

Carriage reminds me of the Journey card in the Kipper and the Gypsy decks. It could be a physical or mental journey, but it could also denote progress around something….developments..

And Firecracker influences the Wishbone card, so these are exciting developments! or an exciting journey that I’ll be taking.

What on Earth?! LOL

This is either giving me a thumbs up around 2 creative projects that I would dearly like to work on in the year to come. They would both require alot of hard work and research on my part, but would be worth it in the end; or, this is describing something to come that I don’t know about yet.

My fondest wish is that the legal case comes to a final end, and that the work with ‘D’ finally takes off. The partnership of my husband and I with ‘D’, would bring about ALOT of travel to foreign, and sometimes exotic places, and it would mean hard work, but it would be a wonderful adventure.

I have a funny feeling that this is what the cards are referring to -a wish come true, and an adventure to boot! haha

I would like that 🙂