Message – Dog – Anger

I love when the cards are straightforward. My husband drew these cards yesterday. I told him that someone close to him was going to hear something that would really make them mad.

We wondered also, if it might mean that my husband would receive an angry message from a friend, but I thought that the message and the anger pertained just to the friend, not to my husband.

Sure enough, we found out today, that our trader friend, “D”, did receive a message from someone working on a trading deal, who was asking to use their credit line up front on a deal, and then they would pay them back (!) – not the protocol for “D”‘s trading deals- so YES, he was quite angry! and that someone got a piece of his mind! lol

It’s interesting when you pick up on people close to you, rather than for yourself. We’re basically radio transmitters and receivers, and pick up on just about anything.