Kipper drawing~

Last week sometime, I drew these cards concerning my husband. At the time, we were having marvelous Spring-like weather, and we were all outside doing yard work. There were tons of leaves that needed to be cleared away etc. (I’ve just noticed that the Busy with Work card shows a man gardening! I had forgotten that! lol)

I warned at the time to my husband, not to overdo – especially with the Short Illness card following those 2 cards.

He didn’t overdo, but he ended up with a raging infection in one of his molars. The infection cleared up with a round of penicillin, but then the tooth fractured! He was definitely sidelined by it.

Today we made it to the dentist, where they were able to temporarily stabilise the tooth, until he can decide on whether to get a root canal and a crown, or just have the tooth pulled and get a bridge. Neither are very appealing options đŸ˜¦

The Kipper are very direct, and I am continually surprised at how accurate they are!

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