Malady – House – Thought

Ugh! I drew these last Friday morning, and knew that it couldn’t be good, whatever it was referring to! and I was right.

It became very evident that a “malady” had indeed affected the Home, in the sense of Negative Energy – negative thoughts prevailing.

My husband ended up in a very negative thinking state, that I wasn’t able to cajole him out of, or help him pivot from. It pervaded the entire home, and all I wanted to do was escape!

Thankfully, no one else was home, but it was very tough on me. It only lasted the one day (thank goodness) & the following day, I recognized my mate again ๐Ÿ™‚

At the time though, it was as if a big dark cloud had descended over our Home……….nasty.

2 comments on “Malady – House – Thought

  1. wow, what an accurate reading!!! these cards really intrigue me. i have seen them before, but only like 5 of them, crappy ebay pictures in black and white and some were reversed images. anyways, i was wondering what is this deck? i’m into tarot, but not really into oracles or lenormand type cards. not because i don’t like them, just because i’ve never really looked into them, or been introduced to them. also, i came to your blog through a google search for the tea leave reading cards, and in the EXACT post that i clicked on, it said how you grew up in the hill country- WHICH IS WHERE I LIVE!!!! how weird is this chance encounter?!?! anyways, i’m totally into your blog now ๐Ÿ˜€ and was hoping, if you would like to, that you could use my email and tell me more about the cards, whether they’re available in the US, and where you grew up/ what area you are in now *you don’t have to tell me your EXACT location, i understand*!!! i’m so interested to know!

  2. Hi Jessica ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve been on hiatus from blogging for awhile, as we’re getting ready to move across country. Hope to be back later in the summer posting readings again.

    These are the Gyspy Fortune Cards or Gyspy cards.

    I was always strictly a tarot enthusiast too, until I took a virtual course on the Lenormand that was held on the Aecletic Tarot forum’s site, with Sylvie Steinbach. That opened a whole new world to me! lol and I’ve been learning everything I can about quite a few oracles.

    I found the Gyspy cards a little harder to connect with at first, but if you keep plugging away, they start to reveal their language to you. has them at this link.

    They’ve turned out to be really accurate for me. I do at least a 3 card draw every day and keep a notebook of the draws. That’s helped me immensely to understand what they were referring to at times!

    As a little girl, I lived in Midland for a few years, and then we moved back NorthEast. My grandparents had a ranch that we would visit every summer situated between Medina and Kerrville.
    I used to love horseback riding! lol those were the days…been a long time since I’ve done that ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lots of wonderful memories of swimming in the river, and going to rodeos…

    The Tea Leaf Fortune cards are really great too – I’ve had some good hits with them! lol

    best wishes,


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