Hopefully I will get the time later today to share something that I discovered about reading with the playing cards! I went from being sidelined with back problems to running around with my head cut off for house showings – what a year it’s been all ready 🙂

About  a week or so ago, things were very tight financially and we were worrying over how we were going to meet a few of our commitments. I drew these cards back then, and they came true in a way I wouldn’t have predicted.

Out of the blue, a friend of ours called up and said that they were wiring ‘some money’ to help us out over the hump, until our funds came through. We were both so shocked, as this person doesn’t have all that much money either; but out of love and friendship wanted to help us.

So there was the love, and some money (not tons) that brought a smile to our faces.

Ironically, there had been another draw that was similar, and I had missed it’s true meaning. If I remember correctly, it was:

Here again, it showed a friend sharing their love for us by giving us a gift. When I originally drew it, I thought I was just seeing that our friend was getting a gift for their mate, or something similar. I had no reason to think it was for us really!

You find out who your real friends are in the midst of adversity…..

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