Two readings~

A few days ago, (April 15th to be exact…) I had 2 drawings that I thought were talking about the same thing. One draw was with the good old Gypsy cards, which are becoming increasingly more interesting! and the other was with the Playing cards.

With the Gypsy, I had:

and with the Playing cards I had:

With the Gypsy draw, I settled on either a message that was going to be “not so nice” for the Sweetheart (me) or that it was literally a message from someone who would be considered an enemy to me. Now I don’t think of anyone as my enemy! not really – it’s not the way I’m wired; but the Enemy card has come up in the past, referring to my ex-husband! Sad but true. As much as I have tried to have a friendship with him these past 10 years, it has been unbalanced and much more of an illusion than I realised for a long time. I sadly discovered that he had some major hang-ups still, over our split. So, unfortunately that’s him.

A message from my ex, coming to me….

Now with the Playing cards, I drew the King of Spades + 6 of Diamonds + Queen of Hearts.

He is always signified as the King of Spades. The 6 of Diamonds can mean communications, especially having to do with computers and the internet. It’s my email card among other things; and of course, the Queen of Hearts is me.

So here is another indicator of communications from my ex to me.

I promptly forgot about it, because I figured it had to be wrong! lol Recently, he said some horrible untruths about me on a phone call with my present husband. It hurt a lot. I knew that I would never contact him again, now that our kids are of age, and I figured after that outburst, I wouldn’t be hearing from him any time soon either!

Lo and behold! Today, April 18th (only 3 days later) I received not 1 message from him, but 3!!! Three emails! They were only forwards, but I just couldn’t believe that he had bothered…what’s the point???

The cards were right, even though I didn’t believe them! Go figure!

Ecclesiastic – Marriage – Sweetheart

Oh my God! it’s April 17th and it’s started to snow outside!! Unbelievable – not good for the flowers, that’s for sure!

I hadn’t planned on sharing another Gypsy draw, as I’ve posted a few in a row, but today’s draw intrigued me so much that I wanted to share it with you.

My husband, upon seeing them, thought it was a “sweetheart” of a deal with the so-called Spiritual group that he’s been legally battling 🙂

Actually, considering my other draws that accompanied these, that’s very possible!

We’ve noticed that many times when the Sweetheart comes up in one of our readings, it doesn’t necessarily fit to think of the card as me, or a Queen of Hearts/Cups type of person. Sometimes it’s describing a feeling instead; such as loving, nurturing, something really wonderful. I’ve never seen this written about before, but that’s been our experience of the card.

Now, Ecclesiastic/Marriage might be just that, a beautiful union! maybe there will be a marriage on my side of the family…. or a new level of closeness within my own marriage….

What I saw though, (and kept to myself) was that I was making a Spiritual commitment, or a commitment to my Spirituality…….somehow, more so than in the past. That message made me grin and feel really pleased.

I’ve been promising myself that I would get back to meditating every day, and last night while pondering my life, made a firm commitment to spiritual practice and study. I had recently decided that there were a few disciplines in card reading that I wanted to study on a deeper level as well. Last night had been pivotal in my mental process for some reason! lol , so to see these cards the following morning, really made me smile. It’s as the cards were saying “Good Job!”