Weekly Drawing – Tea Leaf Cards

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I drew these this morning, and following the last reading, I am grateful to see these cards!

The Tiger, for me, always represents my husband. He is a Tiger in the Chinese Zodiac and fits it to a tee. They have 2 sides for sure – and you can see my hand at the back, trying to soothe just a bit, the unpredictable Tiger, wondering if I’ll get my hand bit off!

Target describes my husband very well. He is very goal oriented and can’t understand why others don’t follow suit to the degree he does.

Butterfly means a change for the better; and the following card Barrel says that something I feel is lacking is going to change for the better….or something that he (?) feels is lacking is going to get better? Most likely both!

It is my hope that these cards say that conditions surrounding us take a turn for the better, and that he doesn’t bite the hand that tries to soothe him.

Why do people turn on the ones closest to them? lashing out? it’s a very short-sighted thing to do!

Another way to read this possibly is that the very goal oriented Tiger has a change for the better around something seen as lacking.

I would like to think it relates to me, and I wonder what Rae would say was her experience. But oracle cards for me often talk about other people around me, and are not always necessarily a message directly to do with me. It’s one of those grey areas that I just have to follow my intuition on, and then come back and see if I was right.

I’m hoping the message means both!

Update:The message did end up meaning both and in a very surprising way. Yes, for me personally, things got better between my Metal Tiger and myself. It was a tough week work-wise and full moon -wise (!) but there were improvements in our relationship in a way that I had hoped for.

On another level, I was shocked at how these cards pinpointed an event for my husband. In general terms I will share that he has been deeply involved in negotiating a big land deal for his company. It has been a grueling few months getting it just right. Funds had been delayed, and the deal was left floating. This week, my husband learned some critical information about loans owed by the other party and had one of the creditors contact his lawyer. It literally was a game changer on the deal and will mean that he will save millions on this project.

Rae’s warning about being careful for what you wish for turned out to be very true though, because my husband is not a cut-throat when it comes to business, he and I firmly believe in karma. With that in mind, he has carefully tried to find the middle road for a fair deal on both sides, in light of the new information. It is a very tricky process!

So yes! these cards are very quickly becoming one of my favorite oracles (although nothing will take the place of the lenormand in my heart!! lol) — simply uncanny so far 🙂

Tea Leaf Fortune Cards~

I drew these cards earlier this week, but didn’t have a chance to post. I’m still trying to figure out what they relate to! 🙂

Any time I get a’ person’ card in a reading, no matter what oracle I’m reading, I try to get a fix  if possible, on who the card represents. In this reading, there’s a younger dark haired female who features. Don’t laugh, but I couldn’t think of anyone other than my daughter who I know, who fits that bill.

So going with that, I said that there was a boastful, arrogant person that she would have to deal with and somehow it would be tied up with her concerns at the moment with lack of funds. Whatever this person is saying or doing, she’d be wise to not lose her cool, because she’d regret it!

This week was the start of a new job for my daughter. Unbeknownst to me, there was an arrogant, derogatory person training her on some things. He belittled her for not catching on sooner. It upset her deeply – she’s a very sensitive and shy girl, and it was her first day!!

She texted me during the week that she didn’t like the job and wanted to quit. I sadly reminded her that she needed the income to put towards rent – so don’t do anything rash until she found another job.

Another way to combine these cards would be to say that there is a younger dark haired female who has a bit of a bad attitude, is concerned about something lacking and would be advised not to  lose her temper? OR that the first 3 cards describe that person, and the advice is that I should not lose my temper?! lol  If this is the case, then it’s not my daughter, as she’s neither arrogant or boastful; so I have no idea who’d that be describing.

I’ve met one other person this week who is a year younger (does that count? lol) but she’s neither boastful or arrogant either, very kind and humble…..so I’m at a loss.

Now I can identify with the feeling of loss in a few areas, and watching my temper, to be honest; but not to the boastful younger female…..

I’m guessing that this was a message for my daughter not to lose her temper and throw the baby out with the bath water, because she’d really regret it!

Update: Well, as luck would have it,after writing this post there was an incident during the evening that might fit these cards, sadly. My husband is a bright, good and generous man, but he also has an almost obsessive intolerance to noise of any kind. All week he was complaining about different residents in the condo complex for making noise, or their dogs barking etc. Last night, we were having a fun time playing a racing game having hearty laughs, when the girlfriend of the next door neighbor came riding up on her motorcycle, driving right up past our window. It’s been months since that’s happened, but my husband was up in a flash with a camera and out the door. He took pictures and threatened to call the police. It was the last straw for me, yes, they were being inconsiderate but it didn’t need that level of intimidation applied to it! Without heat on my side, I spoke up and said that he was acting like a cumudgeon, very crabby, and that all the complaining was becoming a bit embarrassing. He might be right, but his actions were going over the top at times.

Well, you’d think I’d put a sword through him! Wouldn’t talk to me the rest of the night and did his best to be self righteous the next morning! Now I’m the enemy.

It occurred to me afterwards, that that woman was a younger brunette, who has attitude for sure! and I didn’t lose my cool because of a bit of fear that he would turn on me, (he did any way…)

All I can say is that I’m starting to have a healthy respect for these cards…

Vecchia Signora – Lettera – Conversazione

Amongst my drawings this morning, I drew these with the Sibilla.

Vecchia Signora literally means older lady, so on one level it represents a person.

From my research, it can also can mean the following:  most commonly a journey, a movement, a transfer, or a visit that’s enjoyable. This card might portend the arrival of good news, a messenger, a person who comes to meet us, which helps us.

I have always thought of it as a person in my readings, but I’ll keep an open mind 🙂

La Lettera is a message, an email, documents or news.

La Conversazione in it’s simplest interpretation, means conversations.

This card can sometimes mean meeting up with friends, a working meeting, time spent in the company of friends , meeting between friends.
It is often referred to as the “group” card, but is a meeting with people with whom we want to clarify something, with which we have something outstanding, to which we want to express our reasons, submit our apologies, (according to a translation I got from an italian site!)

SO, my immediate feeling was that I or my husband would be receiving an email or text from an older woman.

If I were to apply some of the other possible meanings, there could be a journey (of a pleasant kind) to deal with documents… and meetings where something needs to be hammered out/clarified.

There is good news of some kind; and again papers that need people to meet and work on them…. or an email comes that contains good news….maybe it’s about the older woman?

We shall see! lol

Tea Leaf Fortune cards for the upcoming week:

Scales – Valley – Dog Far Away – Egg            (Click on image)

~The scales warn that if I want to experience true satisfaction in my life, then I must analyze my lifestyle and do whatever I can to restore necessary balance. (Interesting, because Lifehas been very uncertain for us for a long time.. trying our darndest to bring it back into normalcy)

~My soul will be nourished with the strength and peace and introspection that I need to assure success. (good thing!)

~ A Distant Friend is thinking of me…

~The Egg denotes that success is assured but only if I plan properly and work hard…

I’m not sure what to make of this. I know who the friend is, she’s my bosses wife & she’s  away all month getting alternative treatments for a condition she’s had. The other cards just make good sense! so I’m afraid I don’t have a clue to this combination! I’ll see how it goes and report back 🙂