4 comments on “Rae Hepburn and the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards

  1. Spiritsong – how wonderful! You uploaded the video of me doing a reading for the Times Standard reporter. This is what I call a “white bread” reading as I knew it was being taped and I didn’t say anything or ask the reporter any questions that I thought might embarrass him of they were made public. He called me later to go over his fortune again and it was exactly as I thought. He and his girlfriend were having problems. The dark man was the guy taking the video and they had a parting of the ways shortly after that. If the reading had been private, I would have discussed all this at the time I was giving the reading.

    Thanks so much for doing this. Rae:)

    • Thank you Seaqueen! I’ve missed blogging a lot, but as you know, some times Life hands you more than is comfortable and something has to give. I’ve made a commitment to blog a few times a week, traveling permitting 🙂

      I’ve had the Tea Leaf cards for a long while, but hadn’t worked with them consistently – This is the Year! lol

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