Vecchia Signora – Lettera – Conversazione

Amongst my drawings this morning, I drew these with the Sibilla.

Vecchia Signora literally means older lady, so on one level it represents a person.

From my research, it can also can mean the following:  most commonly a journey, a movement, a transfer, or a visit that’s enjoyable. This card might portend the arrival of good news, a messenger, a person who comes to meet us, which helps us.

I have always thought of it as a person in my readings, but I’ll keep an open mind 🙂

La Lettera is a message, an email, documents or news.

La Conversazione in it’s simplest interpretation, means conversations.

This card can sometimes mean meeting up with friends, a working meeting, time spent in the company of friends , meeting between friends.
It is often referred to as the “group” card, but is a meeting with people with whom we want to clarify something, with which we have something outstanding, to which we want to express our reasons, submit our apologies, (according to a translation I got from an italian site!)

SO, my immediate feeling was that I or my husband would be receiving an email or text from an older woman.

If I were to apply some of the other possible meanings, there could be a journey (of a pleasant kind) to deal with documents… and meetings where something needs to be hammered out/clarified.

There is good news of some kind; and again papers that need people to meet and work on them…. or an email comes that contains good news….maybe it’s about the older woman?

We shall see! lol

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