Tarot of the Sidhe

One of my favorite decks is the Tarot of the Sidhe, by Emily Carding. Read a review of this deck here. See other images of the deck here.

I don’t ‘fiddle’ with them as much as I should, mainly because I find them very serious! which isn’t fair…I plan on pushing through that resistance! These cards usually go to the heart of the matter.

I drew these cards the other night, with reverence, and was quite surprised to see what came up.

Maker Queen- gift of healing :

This card would equate to the Queen of Pentacles in the Rider system. I first go through the cards and work with the meanings that Emily was given, and then also look at the equivalent tarot meanings.

The healing Spring of this green land,
Issues forth from her fair hand,
All in balance, perfect health,
The key to happiness and wealth…

keywords: wholesome,healthy,beautiful,wealthy,practical,organized

Warrior Prince – gift of Spirit:

He is a warrior of the Soul,
Nothing will keep him from his goal,
Many will follow the Prince’s lead,
To inspiration with spirit’s freed….

keywords: crusader,charismatic,inspirational,dangerous,political,activist

The Warrior Prince would correlate with the Knight of Wands.

Dancer Three – Jubilance

When the whole shines full and round,
The three blithe dancers may be found,
skipping for the joy of life,
For friendship and forgotten strife…

keywords: joy,frivolity,companionship,enjoyment,enjoyment,party,bonding,celebration

The Dancer Three would equate to the 3 of Cups in the Rider deck.

Now on one level, I like to just read the captions at the bottom of the card:
Gift of Healing – Gift of Spirit – Jubilance

These three messages meant a lot to me personally, on a deep level. Forgive me if I don’t open up as to why, maybe another time I will write more on this.

On another level, I recognized the Warrior Prince with it’s keywords as my husband. He is definitely a warrior, a crusader and activist. In his younger years, he identified himself with the Knight of Wands; he is now more of a King of Cups but the knight’s energy still comes forth šŸ™‚

He has been on a personal crusade to expose a “spiritual guru” in the states for years (at great cost in every way to us) for the crook she really is. The fight has changed our living circumstances, and our perspective dramatically, but it was worth it to open the eyes of a few.

SO! to see the Gift of Healing and Jubilance surrounding the Warrior Prince really warmed my heart. Maybe this nightmare is really about to come to an end. We have never been what you would call ‘normal’, ha ha, but I wouldn’t mind being a little more normal than we’ve been!

I would also come under the card Maker Queen/Queen of Pentacles, so on a mundane level, it looks like this writer and husband might be celebrating something soon.

I hope that all applies……but especially the first….

3 comments on “Tarot of the Sidhe

  1. Good morning Spiritsong,

    when I got this update in my mailbox just now my whole sleepy face just lit up šŸ˜€
    Yes indeed, the Sidhe are not to be trifled with lightly. A very serious deck indeed.
    Hmmmm..let me see, the Maker Queen’s message speak to me and stood out immeadiatelly.

    As for the charlatan, it takes courage, heart and conviction to stand by and for what you believe in. Defending innocent people against such is the right thing to, even if it comes at a cost, which it did. The imbalance will be redressed.

    • šŸ™‚ I certainly hope so! šŸ™‚ as for the cards, it’s the most beautiful, haunting deck EVER! I love to just thumb through and get drawn into the artwork. My 20 year old daughter adores this deck also – every time she comes home from college, we have to do a daily reading. I keep meaning to order her her own deck. I don’t know if you ever read Karen Marie Moning’s “Fever” series of books? Set in Dublin in present day, but amazing tale of the fae, light and dark. Beautifully written; I actually listened to all the audio books when I was recovering from surgery a few years back. It haunted me! lol then these cards came out, and it brought her words to life in an eerie way. http://www.karenmoning.com/kmm/novels/fever-series.html

      • Nope, havent heard of her books yet, but thank you so much for the reccomendation, I am a voracious reader and always on the look out for special books. I will have a look at Amazon’s e-books for them šŸ™‚

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