Weekly Tea Leaf Card Reading

I drew these the other day….they look positive 🙂 I apologize for the quality of the photo, it was taken hastily on my camera phone.

A Wishbone is a wish granted.

Small Child is the birth or conception of a child or a new enterprise. I would also link this card to the Lenormand card, ‘Child’ which could relate to something small, or an offer/proposal, something new…

Bell is an announcement.

A Kite means vacation. (Also, what about flying ‘high as a kite’? meaning excitements and joy?)

Sooooo, possibly there is going to be an announcement about a new project (we’ve been trying to get one or two off the ground..) – this would be a wish come true, and I’d be flying high as a kite!! LOL

Or, the new enterprise happening, would also mean that money we’ve waited for has arrived to begin that project, and which in turn would mean I would get a break/vacation.

My greatest wish is for the long, drawn out legal battle that has plagued my family finally comes to an end. Maybe there is an announcement of an offer coming….and if that were the case, there would definitely be a vacation that would follow such an announcement. It would be visit the relatives time, have some fun and celebrate time, be as happy as flying a kite time 😀  10 years is an incredible long time to do battle.

I will update –

Update : Well, unfortunately, I haven’t had anything happen as of yet with this drawing. There have been some other developments in my life, that maybe just maybe this will refer to….fingers crossed.

My 20 year old daughter finished her 2nd year of University with straight ‘A’s. She’s one bright cookie when it comes to school! She flowed the energy and got a wonderful furnished apartment and a great roommate, and settled in to work during the summer inbetween semesters. All looked really promising..

Then her best friend from high school came out to visit from the East Coast and next thing we know, she’s announced that she’s quitting school for a year and giving up her apt. and moving back East to do ‘whatever’ with her old friend! My heart literally broke – if anyone should stay the course and get their degree, it’s this girl! I have tried to support the idea of a year off, but wanted her to stay in the new life she’s created, rather than ditching everything and going back to the ‘Past’. It seems the friend has too great an influence and I’m sad and angry.

I can only hope that my wish is granted (wishbone) and the child makes an announcement (bell) that I’m happy and excited about (kite). How I pray for a different outcome than the course she’s on!

I will update the update!

8 comments on “Weekly Tea Leaf Card Reading

    • That’s fantastic! so glad you’re enjoying these nifty cards! Rae created a real winner with this oracle 😀
      and thanks!

  1. Hello M’dear,

    Oh, I’m sorry about your stress and worries about your daughter. I know this may sound naive of me (and I’m saying this as a mom and as a former 20-year-old) but I have a good feeling about your daughter. I do think this will be a temporary thing and won’t take her off course for too long.

    In fact, now please feel free to ignore my interpretation but I may as well put it out there. You have a wish for your daughter to do well (Wishbone) , and for some reason I see the crib as your daughter’s development (both as your child and also the new development of her ongoing education/life), and I see the Bell combined with the Kite as her announcement to take a vacation from school.

    Now, overall I still have a good feeling about the outcome of this, even though it may not seem good at all to you right now. I have no doubt I would feel anxious about her decision, just as you are. Again I am just going by my gut and how it feels when I see what you wrote and what the cards look like. Perhaps the break (kite) will give her a good perspective and she will come out more mature and ready to finish her degree with greater focus and understanding of herself.

    Just a thought. Again, please feel free to ignore this. 🙂

    Hugs and best wishes,

  2. Thanks MM for your thoughtful reply. I know deep down that my daughter will be fine regardless, but I was always taught not to go back… keep moving forward. I’m supportive of the year off, but not particularly of running away with her old girlfriend, to play for a year back East…maybe it’s the she needs, who knows?
    The thing is, this is my reading! LOL the Child/Bell/Kite combo is definitely about that situation, but the Wishbone should mean that I get my wish around that situation…..my wish certainly isn’t for her to go back to Atlantic Canada…..

    just have to wait and see…but thank you dearly, for your intuitive thoughts on this contentious subject! 😀 I am truly learning to let go!! ❤

    • I absolutely understand–I always find it fascinating how readings play out and I never quite know what to think of a reading until after the fact. Sometimes it can be very specific!! Hope you’re having a good day.


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