My Birthday reading

Yesterday was my birthday. It was a very quiet one, as we’ve had some difficult financial problems over the summer. Pay for services rendered hasn’t been paid, and left us scrambling to survive. Talk about being tested!!

With emotion, I asked for a reading on my birthday…please show me what was in store…

Fan – Romance, celebration or party…. I didn’t have one for my birthday, so I’ll read it in connection to what the other cards have to share.

Pineapple – Reconciliation…. either I am going to reconcile with someone that I am odds with (and to be honest, I sincerely doubt that!) or I am going to surrender to what is, knowing that I can’t do anything more about it.

There has been a terrible situation with our former ‘boss’ and colleague who didn’t pay us our salary, and has left outstanding bills to be paid in the company that we run. We were blind-sided and are threatening to get the authorities involved. Had we not had a food storage pantry, we would have really been in trouble. 😦

Caterpillar – Things won’t always be this way, a change is coming.

Bear – Danger, especially in money matters.

The Caterpillar and the Bear say it all, but thankfully, I read it as saying that this scarey episode with the threat of total financial ruin, will not stay with us. In fact, with the Fan card we will be celebrating in some way over this.

I have to hold out hope, that this really will pass, and we won’t lose everything. It was a very good Birthday message to receive.

Please, if you have a moment, send a prayer my way. I just know that if I do come out of this, I’m going to give service to others in some way….work at a food bank or a food kitchen,…..something, because I’ve come too close to the edge this time. I understand the suffering now.

5 comments on “My Birthday reading

  1. Spiritsong, you are a highly creative soul. Is there something you have been thinking about (Page/Sw), that perhaps could bring about some extra income / financial security (9/Pent)? If so, ‘go for it’ (VII-Chariot). You may have to juggle a bit, moonlight or come up with a second income source (2/Pent) but VIII-STRENGTH says you will prevail. Happy Birthday & Blessings, Soulscape

    • Thank you very much Soulscape. As soon as we’re out of the immediate struggle we’re in, that is exactly my plan. I’m researching and laying out an action plan as I write! lol Thanks for your thoughts and good wishes, they are much appreciated ❤


  2. Oh no!!! I am sorry I haven’t been by the blog lately. So scatter-brained. I’m so sorry to hear this! I am glad you’re out of the immediate struggle but still very upset for you.

    Much Love,

    p.s. I hope I already said it but happy birthday. I hope you get lots of healing soon. There are some difficult moments this month astrologically–I hope we can all work through it and come out of it OK.

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