Still waiting for ‘The Change’….

My birthday reading, 9 days ago hinted at a change coming for the better. Unfortunately, although there’s been a temporary reprieve on some pressing matters, the big  ‘change’ hasn’t happened! I am holding my breath, trying to focus on what I want to see happen rather than fear the worst. It’s difficult.

My assorted readings have continued to look wonderful….frankly fantastic, but I don’t have evidence of them yet, so I wait.

I have done many readings this year for other people; around business, finances, whether or not people were going to come thru in a business deal, and assorted relationship questions etc. I was astonished with the amount of hits I got, both about things that were really great, and really bad. I even was able to read in the cards about a health crisis around someone I knew, and how they would be admitted to hospital. A month later, this person had a nervous breakdown and was admitted to a psychiatric ward! I hadn’t guessed that, but I saw the hospitalization!

SO, I really don’t doubt that the messages that I am now receiving, that are so very good, could be anything but right —but God! I wish it would appear! LOL Why does the bad stuff seem to come so quickly, and the good stuff takes it’s sweet time?? 😀

Here is my reading today:

Click on the image to enlarge

I was fascinated to see the cards that I picked.

Dagger – tense situation, fears and worries

Older Man – dealings or relationship with an older man

Bell – Announcement, news of some kind….good or bad depends on surrounding cards

Sunrise – New creative ideas. A new venture. A fresh start…

Flowers – Happiness

The tense situation (Dagger) that has me fearful and worried is with our former boss/partner. He left us in a terrible situation, with no salary  and a mountain of debts that we didn’t accrue, he did! Either he or my husband is the older man that follows. I think it is the former boss.

It is getting extremely tense here, as my husband is threatening to go to the authorities if this man doesn’t correct the problem immediately.

The Bell is an announcement, and it’s connected to this older man. With the Sunrise and Flowers cards following it, I can assume that it’s good news.

It looks as though we are going to live to fight another day, and get a fresh start that we’ll be happy with.

Let that be the case!! I’m going to use this card spread as a visualisation.

My tarot and lenormand readings all hint at the same outcome, that the company gets it’s debt paid and we go forward in a new direction.
I’m ready!

4 comments on “Still waiting for ‘The Change’….

  1. Ugh. Sorry about all the stress!!!

    It really does look like the reading shows a very positive resolution to the problem you’re facing, and I have gotten some very specific and very accurate readings with this deck, so I agree with you on that point, too!


  2. Hi Spirity,
    Well first, happy belated birthday!!! Next, I’m wishing you a fast and happy resolution to this problem. These tea leaf reading cards are so interesting. I keep resisting the urge to get my own set. The last thing I need is another oracle distraction, but I’m inspired by your readings. Hope to hear soon that all has turned out well for you.

    • Thanks Kaph, although I’ve been through some wars, I have a strong feeling that this is going to be a great year! (the eternal optimist!)

      I bought the cards a few years ago, but didn’t do much with them. I’m always so focused on tarot, lenormand and of course, playing cards! lol but I needed a change. When we moved, I packed a bag of just cartomancy items…thank goodness!! 2 years later and I still don’t have my household belongings back!
      So, I’ve been focusing on the tea leaf cards, which I can better appreciate now. I have had incredible warnings months before things happened – and I’ve had messages of great promises of things to come (ready for that part now).

      They’re a wonderful deck, and just felt like I wanted to write about them for awhile 🙂

      How’s the book going ?????!!!!! can’t wait!

  3. You sound like me. I’ve gotten some fantastic readings too, but the hanged man shows up every now and then, which reminds me not to get too antsy with the waiting. It will happen! 🙂

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