Goethe Playing cards~

At the same time that I did the below Kipper draw, I drew these playing cards: 5 Hearts – Jack Diamonds – Jack Hearts.

Learning the cards from Kapherus, and Regina Russell & Leo Martello, when I see 2 Jacks it tells me that there is a legal matter involved in some way.

Let’s break it down a little further though.

The 5 hearts can denote a female. It can also mean a significant event, or an offer being made. It has other lesser meanings having to do with sewing, clothing, female items.

Here, it could be referring to the woman, or an offer being made concerning the legal.

The 5 of Hearts (or any 5 according to Leo) can refer to Thursday in the week. That happens to be today, hhmm. Are there going to be developments today around the legal matter?? we’ll see.

Having the Jack Diamonds follow the 5 Hearts, shows an offer that’s financial (Diamonds), and one that we’ll be very pleased with (Jack Hearts).

If we get word today, I will just laugh and laugh!

Another more mundane glance at the cards could be describing 2 young females and they’re having fun creating things and doing girlie type stuff – my daughter went over last night to her girlfriend’s house for a few days, so the trend fits – but one has to ask the question why on earth would the cards tell me that? especially since it’s already known? So, I don’t think that’s a viable interpretation. (Unless something big happens around them and I’m not aware of it yet)

We shall see!

Goethe Playing cards~

These are images from the GOETHE playing card deck. I did a search to see where they might be ordered, and I found them at Amazon.co.uk. I’d love to have a physical set of these one day! 🙂  (You can click on each image to see them in better detail).

3 of Hearts – Queen of Hearts – Ace of Diamonds

I drew these on Monday, while I was still in quite a bit of turmoil with my significant other. I felt really low, and was surprised to see this draw. (I didn’t explain it to him either! lol some things are better left unsaid!)

The 3 of Hearts shows expanding love, things growing emotionally, or a celebration.

The Queen of Hearts represents me 🙂

And the Ace of Diamonds has a few meanings: it could refer to a gift, a ring, or a message of some sort. Now I also connect it to the Ace of Pentacles in the tarot; so I could also guess the beginning of a financial venture, or money being offered etc.

At the time of the draw, we were hardly acknowledging each other, the anger was so great; and in a fit we had taken our rings off! talk about tumultous! I had quickly put mine back on the next morning, having pivoted in my perspective, but he hadn’t…….and it hurt to see the bare finger!

I smiled when I saw this draw, as I immediately got the message that love would return and expand, and the wedding ring would be back 🙂

Sure enough, this morning all is well – we made up, and the ring re-appeared. So the cards were a reassurance that all would get better:)

(we aren’t normally so intense!! thank goodness)

Now on another level this could be saying that we’ll be celebrating shortly because of a financial counter-offer from the defendant in my husband’s court case. That would fit too – but my immediate thought was of a personal one, and it happened within 24 hours, so that’s definitely a match…