As Luck would have it….

IĀ  no sooner came back with a cup of tea, to put together a post, when my laptop crashed! (only the 3rd or 4th time in 7 months…..sigh*

Luckily, most of my data was already saved, but I spent a week trying to get everything humming again. What a pain!!

My husband has come back from a long journey, attending court which he is the plaintiff in. It was left still hanging in mid-air, as the new judge had not allocated enough time to hear the defendant’s testimony. Another 2 weeks to wait for a final decision…….what a saga!

I thought I would christen a learning deck that I just finished making šŸ™‚ – I’ve been dying to get my hands on a Grand Lenormand deck. I’ve been planning on buying one for the past year, and just haven’t been able to order one. (When you’re short on funds, your love for decks have to go on the back burner! lol) So last night, I printed the images from the deck onto cardstock, and on the back side I put the abbreviated meanings that I had for all the symbols.

Before cutting on a paper cutter, I covered both sides with clear book film. I now have a great learning aid to properly acquaint myself with this daunting deck!

Below is a picture:

I pulled 2 cards asking what I most needed to know, and these were the 2 cards I got:

The 1st card is the Jack of Spades & the 2nd card is the 2 of Clubs.

The Grand Lenormand is very often read in a spread of 3-5 or 7 cards. Usually an odd number, so that there is a middle card that gives the subject of the reading. Usually the first business is to read the Main pictures (central) and tie together a message. Then the reader would look at the small pictures that are adjacent to each other from the neighboring card. For example, with the 2 cards I’ve drawn, one would take the bottom right little picture of the 1st card, and read it in conjunction with the bottom left little picture of the 2nd card. They will add to the story.

When you have a line of 5-7 cards, it adds quite a bit!

There are also playing card insets at the top right, which may or may not help with the reading; and if the question had to pertain to ‘love’, then you would look up the meanings of the flowers at the middle bottom as well.

I just asked “what do I need to know” – I was just experimenting! lol not even thinking that I would get much of an answer…..but lo and behold! this makes a heck of alot of sense!

The 1st card’s main picture is representative of the Zodiac sign, Libra. He is the philospher holding up a pair of scales. He is a man of higher education. He is a legislator.

“Justice has been rendered..”Justice & equality is the meaning of this card!Ā  (what are the odds of me picking this card? lol)

The 2nd card’s main picture is a depiction of the Goddesses extracting Gold from the river Pactolus. It signifies a gift, a Legacy, an Inheritance, or unexpected support. The 2 of clubs comes from the group of cards pertaining to” the Unexpected”.

So here I am! with my first 2 cards I’ve ever pulled, and they are talking of receiving the legacy/the winnings from the Court…..that the court will rule in our favor!!

On the 1st card, the little picture on the bottom right, shows a man before a judge. Someone’s plea will be rejected.

On the 2nd card, the little picture on the bottom left, shows a bird standing on top of a rock. The meaning being “riches and fame” (I have no idea why)

So as a secondary piece of information, the cards are hinting that the defendent’s plea will be rejected, and there will be riches and fame coming.

How wild is that?!

If I were to read the playing card insets, I would probably say sudden communication/ sudden correspondenceĀ  or sudden benefits being received…

SO, my very first mini reading turned out to be right on topic, for what is going with my family. I’m impressed!

I will experiment more with these and post about them again.

I hope that my computer woes are behind me, and that now I can begin writing regularly again. Thanks guys for the well-wishes – I’ve missed you!