Ecclesiastic – Marriage – Sweetheart

Oh my God! it’s April 17th and it’s started to snow outside!! Unbelievable – not good for the flowers, that’s for sure!

I hadn’t planned on sharing another Gypsy draw, as I’ve posted a few in a row, but today’s draw intrigued me so much that I wanted to share it with you.

My husband, upon seeing them, thought it was a “sweetheart” of a deal with the so-called Spiritual group that he’s been legally battling 🙂

Actually, considering my other draws that accompanied these, that’s very possible!

We’ve noticed that many times when the Sweetheart comes up in one of our readings, it doesn’t necessarily fit to think of the card as me, or a Queen of Hearts/Cups type of person. Sometimes it’s describing a feeling instead; such as loving, nurturing, something really wonderful. I’ve never seen this written about before, but that’s been our experience of the card.

Now, Ecclesiastic/Marriage might be just that, a beautiful union! maybe there will be a marriage on my side of the family…. or a new level of closeness within my own marriage….

What I saw though, (and kept to myself) was that I was making a Spiritual commitment, or a commitment to my Spirituality…….somehow, more so than in the past. That message made me grin and feel really pleased.

I’ve been promising myself that I would get back to meditating every day, and last night while pondering my life, made a firm commitment to spiritual practice and study. I had recently decided that there were a few disciplines in card reading that I wanted to study on a deeper level as well. Last night had been pivotal in my mental process for some reason! lol , so to see these cards the following morning, really made me smile. It’s as the cards were saying “Good Job!”

Gypsy cards on a winning streak~

Another draw with the Gypsy cards, in the same vein as the last post, was this:

These were drawn the day before our friends wired us some money, so this draw on one level was referring to that episode.

The following day though, I finally picked up the mail after dodging it for a week (not wanting to get any more bills!! lol) and found a refund check in the mail for my husband that was a decent amount – we weren’t going to go out on the town with it or anything, but  it definitely brought some Unexpected Joy to his face (and mine)! lol

In one instance, the Letter referred to a wire, and in another, the regular post. It could have also hinted to an email or a fax, but not this time.


Hopefully I will get the time later today to share something that I discovered about reading with the playing cards! I went from being sidelined with back problems to running around with my head cut off for house showings – what a year it’s been all ready 🙂

About  a week or so ago, things were very tight financially and we were worrying over how we were going to meet a few of our commitments. I drew these cards back then, and they came true in a way I wouldn’t have predicted.

Out of the blue, a friend of ours called up and said that they were wiring ‘some money’ to help us out over the hump, until our funds came through. We were both so shocked, as this person doesn’t have all that much money either; but out of love and friendship wanted to help us.

So there was the love, and some money (not tons) that brought a smile to our faces.

Ironically, there had been another draw that was similar, and I had missed it’s true meaning. If I remember correctly, it was:

Here again, it showed a friend sharing their love for us by giving us a gift. When I originally drew it, I thought I was just seeing that our friend was getting a gift for their mate, or something similar. I had no reason to think it was for us really!

You find out who your real friends are in the midst of adversity…..

Malady – House – Thought

Ugh! I drew these last Friday morning, and knew that it couldn’t be good, whatever it was referring to! and I was right.

It became very evident that a “malady” had indeed affected the Home, in the sense of Negative Energy – negative thoughts prevailing.

My husband ended up in a very negative thinking state, that I wasn’t able to cajole him out of, or help him pivot from. It pervaded the entire home, and all I wanted to do was escape!

Thankfully, no one else was home, but it was very tough on me. It only lasted the one day (thank goodness) & the following day, I recognized my mate again 🙂

At the time though, it was as if a big dark cloud had descended over our Home……….nasty.

Message – Dog – Anger

I love when the cards are straightforward. My husband drew these cards yesterday. I told him that someone close to him was going to hear something that would really make them mad.

We wondered also, if it might mean that my husband would receive an angry message from a friend, but I thought that the message and the anger pertained just to the friend, not to my husband.

Sure enough, we found out today, that our trader friend, “D”, did receive a message from someone working on a trading deal, who was asking to use their credit line up front on a deal, and then they would pay them back (!) – not the protocol for “D”‘s trading deals- so YES, he was quite angry! and that someone got a piece of his mind! lol

It’s interesting when you pick up on people close to you, rather than for yourself. We’re basically radio transmitters and receivers, and pick up on just about anything.

Gypsy cards: Death – Desire – Sweetheart

I was very drawn to these cards this morning- they seemed to be a soothing balm to my tired Soul.

My very first thought was “the ending of Longing & Desire for me.”

I have been the woman looking out the window…in the world, but not really a part of it, this past year.

Funds have been so minimal, that it’s been a game of window shopping, and visualizing in my mind. The Library was my best friend this past year! lol I have looked out longingly wanting to participate, but not being able to…..just watching the world go by…

SO, are these cards telling me that that’s all about to change?? that there’s major change around that particular way of being about to happen? God! I hope so.

I’m afraid I won’t know how to act when the restrictions are lifted, to be honest!

Lover – Fidelity – Anger

A few days ago, (I think on Thursday) my husband drew these 3 cards from the Gypsy deck.

I remember telling him that someone close to him, someone loyal, was going to be angry about something. He was worried that his business partner, who comes up as the Dog in the Lenormand, might get angry  with him for some reason.

I didn’t think so, as the Lover card would have come after the Anger card if it were directed at him. My guess was that he was going to hear about frustrations/upset from someone he liked; maybe lending a a listening sympathetic ear.

I never would have guessed that the dog/Fidelity card would end up representing ME!

Saturday, I woke up happy, but quickly started having heavy burning sensations in my chest. It was the sensation one would have with Bronchitis. It was so sudden and so fierce, it frightened me; I felt as though I was suffocating.

So, I sort of lost my inner balance, and next thing I knew I was acting out towards my husband, yelling at him! I never do that!!and I lost it with our Boxer when she took too long sniffing outside! I was a perpetual short fuse with everything and everyone. My energy was so spikey, that both computers started acting funny when I went near them – it was not a pleasant day! lol

I ended up being the B*tch!!!  sigh   Fortunately, he knew I wasn’t myself and didn’t take offense 🙂 I guess you could also say that the Lover was loyal through the Anger episode……

Happy Gypsy trio-

This is an incredible draw! It looks like my husband and I are going to get a major surprise around money, and be two happy campers! lol

My merriment would include a grocery shopping run to fill the larder with some healthy foods. It’s amazing how one’s perception changes when you’ve done without for a period of time…….all I can think about is a big gourmet salad…and maybe a glass of champagne 🙂

That would definitely represent Merriment to me! lol something healthy, and something sublime.

Gypsy cards and Kapherus’ Spread~

Our neighborhood has been having internet problems over the past few weeks, so I never know when I’m going to be able to write! at least we’re getting a discount for the poor service!

The other day, I tried out Kaph’s streamlined lenormand spread, but with the Gypsy cards instead. It seems to work very well with other oracles as well.

You shuffle the deck, focusing on a topic for the question. In my example, I focused on the Money card (what a surprise!). Then you lay down 5 cards, whether from the top of the deck (as I do) or by fanning out the cards and picking 5.

The middle position is seen as the ‘House of Money’, and whatever falls in that position will get combined for an answer. You then read the cards traditionally, from left to right, expanding on the message of the middle position.

Here is my example:

House of Money

My question had been “where is the 1st batch of money going to come from? the legal or somewhere else?”.
You can see that I actually drew the Money card as part of the reading. Kapherus says that this just affirms to him that he focused well on his question.

First, I look at the middle position, and see the Enemy card with the ‘invisible’ money card.
At the moment, when the Enemy comes up in a draw for me, it’s referring to a literal Enemy – the only one that my family has – the nasty woman in the legal suit.

So this tells me that money ought to be coming from that direction first.

Death – Money says to me there is a change in financial circumstances, and that the “Enemy” is involved with that change.

Message – House says that there will be word, or news coming to the Home/family.

Interesting…….something seems to be brewing up, and funny enough, as I’m writing this my husband is getting some information about the defendant from an informant! My life has become SO strange in the past few years…

I’ll update on this as soon as I know anything-

2 Gypsy draws today~

Every morning, by husband and I have the tradition of having our morning tea or coffee while doing our daily draws and also some spreads. Morning  just doesn’t feel right without that ritual 🙂

This morning, both of us had interesting and correlating Gypsy card draws which I’d thought I’d share.

My husband drew:

we both took this literally to mean there would be unexpected Joy from the Legal ending…..’death to the legal’. Another interpretation could be that the Judge is bringing it to an end, but that wouldn’t bring on Unexpected Joy because we know he will be ending it if we do go back to court on March 5!

So I take this to mean that there is a surprise ending to the legal that makes us very happy –

I drew these 3 cards:

We have both looked at the Loss card as representing the “Loss” that we have endured, the wrong-doings around this legal battle. It is the perfect card to depict how we feel as well.

So here we have a Gift (!) coming concerning that Loss. It’s not something that is ordered by a Judge, but something coming out of the blue; and this again leads us to Unexpected Joy. There is something being offered around this that we are not expecting, and turns out really well.

I can’t help but to read these two draws as hinting to a settlement out of court as their main meanings.

There is always more than one way to interpret the cards.

Another thought came as I was writing here: Gift/Loss….could show me receiving a gift of something that I had formally lost or had to give up. In the midst of our financial struggles, I sold some things that were very dear to me to keep things together. This draw could also be saying that I’m going to receive something back, and that I’ll be overjoyed by it. (first thoughts, my diamond ring or my sewing machine…….!!! how I miss both!)

I hope my personal draw has both layers of meaning……