Linda Goodman’s Star Cards~


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I shuffled the cards, and asked what did I most need to know?

My first card is Sacrifice/Victim. The number 12 card vibrates to Jupiter (interestingly, my next card!), as it reduces to the number 3 and represents the sacrifice to achieve knowledge.

“The mountain climb, though steep and rough, was necessary for you to reach the casket of wisdom at the top. Gloriously it is yours. Be careful how you share it, for it is precious, Your mind is sufficiently illuminated to understand the consequences of knowing too much too soon without sacrifice. The road you have traveled has brought you to the upper rungs of the ladder of knowledge. But understand that knowledge is not wisdom. Knowledge must make its own journey to the soul, and thereafter the enlightened soul will choose a path….

You will find the answers if you look within for the solution. Awaken your soul and hear it speak.”

The very next card is Jupiter. “This is the planet of of philosophy, religion, justice and wealth. (hhmm) When Lord Jupiter wants to send a direct message to humanity he is very imposing, commanding the stage by using his powerful voice of thunder. Jupiter inspires us to expand our horizons, to reach beyond our grasp. This is the card that represents higher education, foreign travel, and religion and demands action.

That little grin on your face gives away your secret, you inner optimism. Your patience and sacrifices have paid off. You deserve the rewards. It’s all there waiting for you”

Awakening: “This is symbolic of the powerful call from the cosmos, to awaken the soul from its slumber and to enter the Celestial realms embracing a new and higher level of consciousness. The number 20 card reduces to the single number 2 and vibrates to the Moon. You are entering the beautiful, bountiful garden of your higher self where growth and change are necessary to further your enlightenment. Open the door to your heavenly spirit so that you may blossoom and fulfill your contract with your Creator. With the Divine Spirit as your gardener, nurturing you and holding your hand as you walk through Heaven’s emancipating gates, you will experience the wonderment of your soul as it bursts into bloom…..IF you are experiencing the challenging face of this card’s vibration (which I think I am)you will have an overwhelming feeling that things are going to be different. Accept that, and continue to persevere and be patient. There is a cosmic balancing of the books taking place. It may be painful, but once the summing up has been done, you will be free. You will have paid your debt of karma. Then, with the cycle broken, look forward to new beginnings and peace in your heart.

I started this post 2 or 3 days ago, and it is now, as I’m ready to upload it, that I fully understand it’s message.

I feel very deeply, that the legal battle that my husband has been engaged in with this person for the last 6 years (something I really didn’t want in my life) has been of a “karmic” nature. They are playing out a battle that I think they have played out in other ways in other lives. I remember when I first met this person that my husband was going to work for, I knew intuitively that it was going to be bad and prayed for guidance and understanding. I received the message at the time that I would soon understand why he was there. It became evident very quickly that this person was not only not coming from integrity, but hurting alot of people psychologically and financially. He knew, and I later knew that he was meant to expose her, so that she couldn’t hurt more unsuspecting people.

It has cost us more than we ever would have believed at the time, and sorely tested our marriage. Both of us have sacrificed a great deal, and have suffered for the fight. I think Jupiter and Awakening are telling me that this is all about to change, and when it does….when it’s completed…I will have a greater understanding and wisdom for having gone through this experience.

We are on the verge of losing everything because of this battle, but I know deep down that neither of us could have walked away from the fight- too much was at stake. I’ve come a long way to realize that. There are layers of this experience which I can’t write about, let’s just say that I’ve learnt more about energy attacks than I ever dreamt were possible. It forced me to raise my game and learn even more about protection….everything isn’t all Light out there, the Dark exists also, and sometimes you’ve got to take a stand and fight.

We are both battle weary, but I do feel that something is about to change drastically. I have sounded like a Polly-Anna alot; but these cards are giving me that message too. I just hope that we can hold on until it does!

Linda Goodman’s Star cards~

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Thanks to a nice comment from Sharyn at Quirkeries, I thought it was time to do another draw with Linda Goodman’s Star Cards.

I drew # 30 Loner – Meditation and #25 Discrimination & Analysis.

#30 – “the peace of having found that tranquil place outside of the material world, leaving the chaos of everyday life behind. You have the simple mission to seek yourself. The # 30 is associated with the writers and artists of the Universe, who need harmony and balance to align themselves with the creative energy required to fully express their deepest thoughts, emotions, and dreams. Creative people find happiness in their own little magical kingdom of imagination, (how true!)Ā searching the depths of their thoughts and memories, formulating ideas that could be world changing, and enjoying the fulfillment of things accomplished for the good of all.”

I love the artwork of this card. It shows an artist who is in the zone. He is alone in his own world, the light shining down just on him. When you allow the creative muses to work their magic…that’s exactly how it feels šŸ™‚

#23 –Ā  Your gains have been in the sacred realms. At last you have found a wonderful and harmonic balance in the energy centers of your body, and you have grasped the place of the human being in creation. Through your spiritual quest, your life has taken on a holy new meaning. It is a time of rejoicing, also a time to share your experiences and wisdom with those around you who are striving to get to that sacred place.Ā Relish you solitude, for you are now visiting a realm where you can express yourself openly through art, writings and music. You have found refuge in the galaxies of dreams.”

Two very special and beautiful cards, indeed.

I have been through the fire this past year, in more ways than I care to describe. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, something changed within me. A surrender came over me, and with it, a peace. I stopped resisting what was, and discovered in that moment, that it was gone. With that shift in awarenes, everything and everyone around me rearranged to reflect back to me the new joy that was beginning to bubble to the surface. It has been truly magical.

I let go of pain and grief that I have held onto for years. I feel as though I have walked through the Looking Glass! it’s that profound a change. Now the creativity that had been begging to be expressed, is gettingĀ  a chance again; and there’s a sense of inner peace that I was afraid I would never feel again.

I can identify with these cards, and am grateful for their message….


Linda Goodman’s Star cards~

I thought I would do a 2 card draw, from Linda Goodman’s Star cards, asking what I most needed to know. I was quite surprised by the result!

The 1st card is The Magician – “This is an extremely fortunate, profound and mystical number (15)- Linda’s favorite. The one who holds this magic wand has the divine power to control and manipulate events.This truly is the rainbow’s pot of gold bringing great joy, light, and hope into areas of darkness, manifesting miracles along the way. The number 15 reduces to the single number of 6 and vibrates to the planet Venus, the planet of love. Wave your wand of alchemy. It is at your command. Sprinkle that stardust generously and remember at all times that this wonderful vibration is magical.

The 2nd card is Neptune- “The planet Neptune was known to the Romans as the god of the sea and represents spirituality, sympathy, mystery, and illusion. Neptune rules the ocean kingdom, the mysteries in our lives, and governs the subconscious. He has enormous capacity to help us transcend human consciousness and to take us to the next level, to the world of human psyche and intuition. Father Neptune helps us discover what is behind the facade of the visible world.

Your intuition and clairvoyance have great influence over your friends and family. You readily know when help is needed and have an incredible calming effect on those around you.”

What I get from these 2 cards is that they are telling me that I am entering a time where I will have strong command over my intuition and clairvoyance. I’m hoping that it means I will see an upsurge in my visions-

It also sounds as though I will be in a great place to keep circumstances and people calm. Mainly, I feel that these 2 cards are telling me to visualize what I want now, because I will be able to access deeper levels now, and control the energy positively.

What a nice draw- and very unexpected! It’s time to do my Creation Board šŸ™‚

Linda Goodman’s Star Cards~

I thought that I would use a set that hasn’t seen the light of day for a couple of years!! I went on a buying spree a few years ago, and collected different things, and then stuck to my tarot – now I’m rediscovering some of those of those great purchases…glad I’m not biased anymore! lol

This is a fascinating set of cards and book, based on the work of Linda Goodman who was famous for her astrology books, but was also very knowledgeable on numerology and other metaphysical subjects. They’re aptly named Linda Goodman’s Star cards.

I drew 2 cards, (shown above):

  • 4 Uranus – This card reminds me immediately of the Tower card in the Tarot, which says to me something unexpected, out of the blue..the pillar is crumbling and toppling, a pillar that has been there for a long time; built on the checkerboard floor, I tried to remember the significance and couldn’t! so I looked it up. The checkerboard represents theĀ alternating pull of all fundamental dualities, the neg andĀ the positive, the light and the dark….it’s also the mandala of Shiva, the transformer. And here, you see what had once been a solid form, is being toppled down, and transformed.

Reading from the accompanied book it says, “Uranus, the father of Saturn, is said to be the planet of disruptions and change of the old order. He revolutionizes; he breaks down old belief systems and establishes new structures.After the almighty shake-up, there is an awakening..”

  • 1 Sun – The Sun card is dominated by a big golden lion. This brings a couple of things to mind; The Lion King…the one who is in command of his domain….and of course, Leo. In Egypt they worshiped the Sun, and the Sphinx (head of a lion) faced East to the Sunrise…it was calculated that the Sun rose in theĀ Leo constellation something like 10,500 years ago and that this points to when the Sphinx might really have been built! The Age of Leo..

“Spotlight is on you. The magnificent golden rays of the Sun are all powerful and your creative energies abound. You hold the ability to achieve your ambitions. Dreams come true. Expect a miracle!”

Wow! so old ways of Life are falling away, and literally a new age is dawning in my experience. Very very promising! The other thing that hit me, strictly intuitively, is the crumbling away, or like the Tower, shocking news, coming from/or about a Leo in my life… that would be my ex, again…

So this may have 2 very different meanings. I will definitely take the first!.