Sibilla della Zingara~

Early yesterday morning, these cards were drawn. By early evening, I not only understood them more fully, but the meaning had come to pass.

Belvedere, similar to Sospiri, shows a woman who is looking out to the distance, waiting for something. Unlike Sospiri, Belvedere speaks of something coming that the querent will appreciate. It is coming…

Now Domestico is interesting. You see a man-servant opening a door for you to get out of the carriage. He is the supportive, helpful one, who aids you in some way. He is someone close to the family, part of the circle but not a relative. I see Domestico often as either aid or help from somebody, or that there is about to be movement/progress to a situation as the door is opening.

Mercante can represent the one who deals with big finances ie, the trader, the banker, wealthy person etc. It can also represent ‘receiving the goods’ rather than being a person, or it could be a financial institution!

In this case, my sense of it was that it represented our financial trader friend. He is the Mercante in the Sibilla, and the Dog in the Lenormand! (someone we trust and is loyal)-

We were very surprised to find that by afternoon, he had arranged for a sum of money to be transferred into our business account. Enough to get some business done!

By evening, my husband and I were feeling much better as some of the pressure was lifted, and we definitely were appreciating our friend. He had come through!

So remember, Belvedere has a bit more positive twist to it than Sospiri!

Gran Signore – Belvedere – Consolante Sorpresa

Gran Signore – Belvedere – Consolante Sorpresa
I’ve been drawing the Gran Signore almost every day! lol it is the card of my husband, who is also a King of Hearts.

Belvedere is a nice card to see- as it says that there is something coming in which to appreciate. It is not the card of wishful expectation and longing, such as ‘Sospiri’, but of something definitely on it’s way!

The final card shows what’s on that horizon 🙂 Consolante Sorpresa, which is a card of financial increases and rewards.

So very ready for this, and nice to see that the cards are reaffirming it. They are certainly correct for all the ‘not-so-nice’ predictions!! lol

Sibilla della Zingara gave me the ‘heads up’…

The majority of times, the card Militare will refer to someone who works in a uniform; like a police officer, a fireman, a grocery worker or a nurse! lol it often comes up as a lawyer as well.

But another meaning comes to mind, rather than the describing of a person.

The card may make reference to a difficult period for the consultant, fraught with obstacles of various kinds, but that may be overcome by gritting the teeth, they must appeal to their own considerable inner strength in the presence of this card.
In love it makes reference to a period of conflict and things hidden to the companion.

And here is what I immediately thought that the card meant this time.

Following Militare, is Imeneo which translates to ‘marriage’. Often this has to do with meetings & agreements,or the fulfillment of plans in the life of the consultant; but for me,at this moment, it’s the basic meaning.

Seeing the Casa following Imeneo, led me to believe that this was more personal and intimate than just meetings & agreements.

The cards this morning were telling me that I was going to go through a bit more discomfort where my relationship is concerned, and that I have to rely on my inner strength and grit my teeth!

AND…by afternoon, that was exactly the advice I needed to keep from getting into a major heated argument with my husband. I just kept remembering to stay strong, and not to get defensive – it was very dificult! One’s knee-jerk reaction is to retort when you’re feeling attacked, but I was determined to stay in listening mode as much as I could.

Another way these 3 cards could have been cold read, was that the Militare was a person who wears some kind of uniform, it’s usually a young man. This brought to mind my eldest son, who lives back in the states, and is the assistant manager in a grocery store 🙂 lol  Had I known better, I could have deduced that maybe he was going to get married! or that something important around his home was about to be realized.

We’ll see, there could be a second layer to this draw!

Actually, the 3rd layer would be the advice to “stay strong’ in the midst of challenges, because you are about to realize some of your plans concerning the family or home!

Sibilla Originale – La Lettera+Leggerezza+Il Ladro

I had a drawing yesterday with the Sibilla, that intrigued me. I continually get ‘Il Ladro’ (the thief) to represent the ‘Spiritual Guru’ woman who lost the court case to my husband. She has been ordered to pay a hefty settlement & has avoided doing so. She is shortly due to go back before the same judge for contempt….  here is what I drew:


La Lettera is either news, or message, or papers; it could even mean an offer or proposal.

So I knew that there could be news or an offer coming from the ‘Thief’; but what of La Leggerezza? (The Butterfly)

La Legerezza represents something that is fleeting, that doesn’t stay constant, moving from one thing to another. It also represents insufficient seriousness and here’s the crux:

I believe that La Lettera and La Leggerezza combined denote a “not serious” offer, in other words, a frivolous offer from Il Ladro (thief).

I have warned my husband to be prepared for a silly offer from her, as she tries to avoid the judge- I know right now, that my husband has no intention of giving her a discount for her outrageous behavior! I’ll update-

Sibilla: Consolante Sorpresa – Bambino – Mercante


I am still unable to write about legal matters at the moment, so I will share one of my readings that don’t reflect that subject!

Consolante Sorpresa is the financial gain that comes in an easy way. It’s the unexpected money, like a lottery win or a gift. It’s the money that is earned in an indirect way.

The Bambino shows that we are about to be offered some of this money, or new projects that are started from this money. The Bambino brings bright future prospects, and again financially, can be seen as lucky money.

The Mercante is the financial man, the trader, the banker. In our case, he usually refers to the financial trader gent, who we are doing business with.

This trio is showing that the money comes in, and that we are benefitting from it as well thanks to his generosity.

After many false starts, it looks like this is about to materialize.

Sibilla Originale – Domestico+La Nemica+La Lettera

11C[2]  12S[2] 2D[2]

I have had a series of draws, that I’ve posted here, showing what I believe to be the “Enemy Woman” being served with court papers. I drew these this morning, and can’t help but think that these 3 are saying the same.

Domestico, one who serves! then La Nemica (evil one) and La Lettera, papers!

They’ve had trouble catching her, but I think they will eventually get her before the court date next Thursday. I can’t wait for next week to come and go, so we finally know what is going to happen with this court settlement! then my cards will start to reflect other things….and I know you’ll be grateful too! lol


Cards with the same message-

Ace of Spadesaceofdiamondsist2_6961566-queen-of-clubs-two-playing-card

*An unpleasant or worrisome message being given to the Queen of Clubs.


A person of the court, an official, being sneaky with the Enemy woman!

In other words….. the Process Server pulling a sneaky stunt to serve court papers on the Bad Woman!

30 Court person8 False person7  Pleasing Letter

Again, a Court person (and this time literally) using deceptive means, or tricks, to serve documents!


The Thief card comes up regularly to denote the nasty woman that my husband is legally fighting. In this draw, it shows her finally receiving the news, or the documents that defeats her. I am pretty sure that these cards, also, are showing that she finally gets served. The Judge has demanded her presence in Court, mid-July. She has done everything she possibly can, to avoid being served. She knows that if she goes before the Judge now, he’ll send her to jail for contempt! The end is near, and I know that the process server was going to attempt again, over the July 4th weekend to catch her, and serve her the papers.

These are only a few of the draws in the last few days that show the same theme. I’m convinced that woman will, or has been served. Hopefully we’ll have news of this on Monday or Tuesday.

Isn’t it fascinating how the different decks can show the same theme? It helps to confirm to me that the cards speak clearly…no matter what kind of deck you choose.

Sibilla: Dottore – Imeneo – La Nemica


The Dottore card can represent aid coming from the outside, just in the nick of time, during a time of great difficulty.

Imeneo has the meaning of  the fulfillment of an important plan in the life of a person. It marks an important chapter. It can also have the meaning of important pacts, alliances, or agreements being made.

La Nemica, for my husband and I, refers to the “enemy woman” that we’ve been embattled with for too many years legally.

I took these 3 cards to mean, that just when you think it can’t get any worse, something changes in the nick of time. There is an agreement made with the enemy.

We are in that spot, and would be glad to see the end of it now. It’s taken a toll.  Too many readings are hinting that the end draws near. I certainly hope they are telling the truth!

Sibilla cards: Gran Consolazione-Riunione-La Nemica


When I draw the “La Nemica” card, I know that the draw has to do with our literal enemy: the cult woman/con. She is everything the Nemica stands for, and more. There is much I haven’t shared about this woman, I consider her ‘evil’.

The other 2 cards are very auspicious! especially together!

The Gran Consolazione speaks of a great change financially, coming. It is the reward of hard work and great effort.

Next to it is the Riunione card. This is an extremely positive card, and if there have been any problems, they are about to come to an end.  If there have been any disputes or legal problems, there are unexpected and rapid solutions. There are reconciliations with this card…matters are settled and peace returns.

I can only surmise that there is a quick turn around in this legal matter, and a settlement being made.

This is a theme that repeats itself with all the different decks. She is being cornered by the courts, and really doesn’t have any other choice; either settle or go to jail. I am pretty confident with my readings that she is about to finally settle.

6/7 years of fighting and proving the case, just might be about to end.

Sibilla: Falsita – Dottore – Disgrazia


These are cards from the beautiful I Misteri della Sibilla deck. Click on each card to get a better look at the artwork.

I was very surprised when I saw these 3. It pertains to the cult/con woman that my husband has been fighting legally. She has had a few doctors in the past, stand by her through thick and thin. They have been even known to lie (big time!) for her.

This is showing that the one doctor who is left in her camp, and has perjured himself on at least one occasion that we know of, is going to finally have his come-uppance. Disgrace is going to be bestowed on the lying doctor! There is karma after all!

I hope I will hear of this disgrace through the grapevine soon..