Tarot and the Kipper links

I’ve had some struggles as of late, and they’ve kept me from journaling on a regular schedule. I am always thinking about the cards, and writing about them, so it’s very frustrating for me when I can’t!!! So many ideas, and never enough personal time…..

In my working with the cards this morning, I was once again intrigued to see how the different oracles correspond together. They all are picking up on my energy at that moment, so I shouldn’t be surprised per se, but I’m an enthusiastic card reader and can’t help but appreciate the magic 🙂

In the tarot, I did a Celtic spread. The message was all about my husband’s legal affairs. Over the years, I have adapted the Celtic to include a few extra cards. In the middle, I always have 3 instead of 2 (it’s a case of always wanting more! lol)

In this case, I had:

In this example, I would read the 2 of Cups and the 5 of Swords together, as telling me the Present situation; and the 8 of Swords as what crossed them (in other words, the 8 of Swords is what influences the other cards)

On a regular basis, the 5 of Swords comes up for me as meaning “dispute, arguement, discord”. When the spread is telling me something about the legal, I can substitue the word “dispute” for the 5 of Swords. (It has also shown itself to mean a psychic/shamanic attack – but that’s another story)

The 2 of cups says that there is a meeting taking place, possibly even an agreement coming into Reality, but the 8 of Swords tells me that it’s not because they want to….they’re trapped, and have to come to the table over this.

Later on, I discovered this exact same message being expressed in the Kipper cards.

Great Luck – Meetings – Prison

There is good fortune, good luck around meetings……meetings that are forced! Meetings because they have no other choice!! Another interpretation of #4 Meetings & #29 Prison, is a meeting taking place in a big public building –

2 of Cups and #4 Meetings correlate, and the 8 of Swords and#29 Prison definitely correlate! The cards have been showing a change for quite awhile – but in the last week, they have become ‘in-your- face’, so I’m on alert. I think we’re going to be getting a phone call soon 🙂

I have another example I want to share; this time conerning the playing cards, but it needs to be a separate post.

Read on~

The Spiral tarot

Plans come to pass with the Emperor card. He represents an outward manifestation of my goals or plans.

The Emperor might also be describing a self -made man, independent, or possibly an authority figure. The Emperor for me, also represents stability, being on solid ground…foundations are solid.

The Princess of Wands heralds Good News!

and the Knight of Pentacles tells me that the good news is concerning financial matters.

These cards could also point to an offer of a job as well…

I’m back! hopefully for good this time :)

I have been disconnected from the WWW for a bit of time now, thanks to my laptop getting a nasty virus and needing to go into the shop. You might say, that my dear friend went down with the Flu! It’s so nice to have it back 🙂

While she was gone, I continued to do readings, and also have been listening to a wonderful audio course from the Tarot School on the Minor Arcana. I can’t recommend their work highly enough! I’ve been reading the tarot for most of my life, (with great success, I might add) but I found myself re-thinking the minor arcana in delightful ways after listening to this one course. My ‘time-out’ was well spent, as it has brought the tarot back into my enthusiastic focus, once more. After 20+ years, I am wanting to delve much deeper.

As I said, I’ve read the tarot very well for years, and I’ve known people who are amazing with the tarot without any formal training….totally using their psychic faculties; but I was surprised at all the little things I learnt, listening to this course! I wish I had found it years ago 🙂

In one session they were talking about the 9 of Swords. This is not a nice card, by any means. Most commonly it is regarded as someone who is caught up in their worries so deeply that they can’t let go. It’s being trapped in the ‘monkey mind’ and being ruled by it.


Another aspect of this card was brought to my attention though; it’s also the card of aggression, violence etc. There is a carving on the bed of the Rider Waite decks, that shows physical violence ( not very clearly here – sorry).

I also read a lot with the playing cards, and sometimes post them here. Recently, my husband drew these:


The 4 of Clubs can mean a telephone call, so I thought he might receive a  call that caused him some worry. Since both the 9 and the Ace of Spades can lean that way, I knew I was missing something. News of a death?getting a phone call and hearing that someone is ill? what???

A few days later, I heard my husband take a call from a creditor that we owe money to. We’ve fallen behind on a few bills sadly, and it’s caused a great deal of stress.

This creditor wasn’t being nice, though….he was being very pushy and aggressive, so much so, that my husband hung up on him! It was hearing his end of the conversation, that the penny finally dropped for me.

The 9 of Spades was, in this case, referring to aggressive, bullying behavior – just as had been mentioned for the 9 of Swords in the audio course.

So the meaning of this draw came through within 2 days – a bullying, not-nice phone call that would cause worry (Ace of Spades)-

It was an awful experience – but I got a wonderful insight on this card! LOL

(*I sometimes think I live on another planet…. haha)

update: This draw also had a second level to it. My husband also received a telephone call from his daughter in England. She’s come down with a flu which has him worried, but luckily not the Swine variety.

Tarot reading & also a fantastic Spread!!!

I discovered a wonderful spread, while reading posts on the Art of Cartomancy forum. Kapherus learned to read cards when he was a child, from his grandmother. She used to read professionally, if I remember right. He shared the spread for use with playing cards, but it works amazingly for tarot and also lenormand (what I’ve tried so far!)

It’s called the Pyramid Spread, but it’s different from others I’ve seen. His grandmother would use the entire deck of playing cards! but it works very well abbreviated too.

You start with placing a card at the apex. Then 2 cards beneath it, they are read as describing the card on top. Then you would place 3 cards below the 2. The first 2 cards would be read as a descriptor of the first card above, and then the middle and last card would be read together as a descriptor of the second card….and on and on.

Let me show by example, it’s not hard (only in trying to explain!)

Here is my reading using Tarot:


The first card, is the High Priestess. Something is about to be revealed to me. The next 2 cards tell me what about.

5 of Swords and the World: There is going to be a completion to the dispute that we have been engaged in.

Now, under the 5 of Swords are 2 cards: Knight of Wands & Knight of Cups – around this dispute,there is movement towards an offer.

Under the World card are 2 cards: Knight of Cups & the Sun – This completion comes with an offer that is positive and successful.

Now we continue down to the next row.

First, is the Knight of Wands; under that are 2 cards: King of Pentacles & 8 of Cups – as this motion forward is happening, the man represented by the King of Pentacles is leaving the situation.

Next is the Knight of Cups, under that are 2 cards: 8 of Cups and 9 of Wands– with this offer/proposal, we are very close to being able to end this dispute and walk away…the battle is almost over.

Next is the Sun, and under it are 2 cards: 9 of Wands & Justice – Success and happiness come as a legal issue is almost complete; or alternatively said, legal and fair dealings are almost finished, which brings joy and success…

You could continue on, getting more and more detail, but that seemed a logical place for me to stop.

You can then go on to read the left diagonal of the pyramid as the past, and the right diagonal of the pyramid as the future. Had I done another row, I could have also used the middle vertical row to represent the Present. I could still read the the apex and the middle card as the Present: High Priestess & Knight of Cups – there is an offer/proposal from the woman I know of as the High Priestess; or an offer is about to be become known…

In the past are these cards: High Priestess-5 of Swords-Knight of Wands Kings of Pentacles .

One thing this said to me was that behind the scenes, the King was stirring up alot of trouble and strife. The High Priestess, ironically comes up also to represent the woman in the dispute, so this also describes her having quite a few active arguements with the King of Pentacles! (that’s probably why he’s seen leaving)

In the future are these cards: High Priestess – World – Sun – Justice a definite successful ending to the legal dealings, where we feel on top.

Try out this spread! I think it would probably work for just about any card system, and it just flows..telling a story!

I think it’s going to become my favorite spread! lol

Victoria Regina Tarot: Tower + 2 of Cups + 9 of Pentacles


These 3 cards were the center of a Celtic Cross spread I did. I put down 2 cards crossed by a third….something I started doing 20 years ago, to add a little more information, and it works.

The Tower and the 2 of cups show that Out of the Blue! totally unexpected, we will reach an agreement (2 of cups).

In reaching this agreement, we will be financially secure again….our coffers will be filled (9 of pentacles).

The full spread showed that very shortly we would be celebrating an end to the legal matters; which will mean we will finally realize the big settlement awarded. I get the feeling that the woman will suddenly decide to settle rather than be hauled in front of the judge next weel. We shall see!

10 of Cups ~ 5 of Cups ~ Chariot


There are few things that pop up for me with these cards.

1) The 10 of Cups referring to the marriage, or the family, or extended family; and the 5 of Cups showing a past issue…looking at something that comes from the past…or regrets  over a marital/ family matter.

The Chariot tells me that I successfully take command of the situation, and carefully control the opposing forces.

To be honest, a sticking point in our marriage was brought up once again in the last 48 hours; something that my husband had held on to and was bugging him.

Thankfully, I was the Chariot driver and successfully was able to transform what could have been a “deal breaker”-  we both ended up feeling better, and satisfied.

I drew these early this morning, before everything had played out – so they were right on the money!

Old English Tarot ~ Tower-Wheel of Fortune-Knight of Swords


I absolutely love the Old English Tarot. I bought it when it first came out, and have recently brought it back out to enjoy. These 3 cards were the middle 3 of a Celtic Cross Spread that I did this morning.

(you can click on the images to see the artwork in more detail)

*Note, I put down 2 cards crossed by the 3rd; an adaptation that I’ve been doing since the early 90’s and it works well for me.

The Tower and the Wheel of Fortune show that a major change that comes as a surprise is about to present itself. Out of the blue everything changes! and fortunately, the Wheel of Fortune shows that our circumstances are about to improve for the better. There is opportunity coming, our luck is changing.

Crossed by the Knight of Swords, this is an event that is rushing in to our lives. The Knight of Swords represent rapid changes, an unexpected situation, quick solutions. It tells you to expect to be active and on the go.

This is definitely one of those times when the Tower is a welcome card to see in a spread- especially with the Wheel of Fortune. I’m experiencing the “bottom of the barrel”, in some ways, so it has only one way to go and that’s up! hooray.

Other cards included within this Celtic Cross were the


so there is definitely victory and money contained within this event :);

also, a sense of security…..

I can’t wait to report back when it happens! lol

Celtic Cross Reading~


Two days ago I laid out this Celtic Spread, which I thought I would share with you here. Normally, there are only 2 cards in the middle, but over the years I adapted to having 2 crossed by a 3rd. I also changed the Outcome position, by adding 2 additional cards. This gives a better opportunity (at least for me) to tell a bit of a story. It works great for me!

I have always read from the Bottom, being the basis of the spread, clockwise. The bottom card gives me the theme generally.

The card to the left being the Past, or what’s leaving.

The card on top, what crowns you/possible future.

The card to the right, what’s coming in or near future.

The right column is the same traditionally, being Me (on my mind, mental outlook), Others (Environment either home or work/or how others see you), Hopes and Fears and Outcome.

So let’s start in the middle, and what I am facing presently.

6 of Wands/Sun is a wonderful start! There is victory and accomplishment leading to great happiness, optimism and self confidence. With this victory comes a rebirth and personal transformation. This doubly reinforces the message of overcoming obstacles, and being rewarded.

It’s crossed by the 10 of Wands. This position either represents the helping force or the hindrances in play. I also see it just as surrounding influences.

Here, with the 10 of Wands, you can see that I/we have felt very overburdened. We have been overextended with responsibilities and burdens, and have kept on plugging away…but with quite a toll. So it is brilliant to see the 6 of wands and the Sun- it’s about to change.

The message of this spread, or theme, is the Judgement card. This is the card of release and transformation. It is a major stage in spiritual development. There is a new lease on life, and joy in accomplishment.

Past or what’s leaving, interestingly is the 4 of Wands. The 4 of wands can refer to projects completed happily. It can also pertain to the home. One could be considering moving residence, or at the very least beautifying the one they have. ( We actually made the decision last week to go ahead and put ours on the market) With the 4 of wands there is a focus on the Home.

What Crowns you is  the Knight of Wands. This shows there is movement in affairs. Things are progressing. Change is in the air.  An important new experience is about to enter my life. It also might hint at travel about to take place.

For me personally, the Knights rarely describe a person, but an event. I’m not sure why, but it’s always been that way.

Near Future is the 4 of Cups. The 4 of cups talks of being presented with an opportunity or help, but not quite sure whether to take it or not. This is the card of  re-evaluating, of contemplating rather than acting on.

*Here I want to share with you a method that works amazingly well, for more insights. My husband’s tarot teacher taught him this method many years ago in England. I, being stubborn, balked at it for a long time! until I started working with the Lenormand cards and other oracles.

He was taught to look at the opposite cards and combine them to form a message.

For instance, The 4 of Wands and the 4 of Cups. This tells me that we will be reconsidering our plans to sell and move. With the 6 of wands and the Sun, it may no longer be necessary. Or these 2 cards could also be saying that we will actually receive an offer on the house, but won’t really be open to it.

Then you look at the bottom and the top cards; Judgement and the Knight of Wands. This release and transformation, may actually be in the form of a victory in a legal judgement. The Court just might push things through to our win. The Knight of Wands shows that this judgement will move forward quickly, but that also we might have to travel back to the state where this took place in order to complete it.

I lean towards this meaning of Judgement, because of the 6 of Wands. It clearly describes Victory- and our legal battle is the one area in our lives where the 6 of Wands and the Sun really mean something.

For me, my mental attitude at the moment, is the Page of Swords. I’m having to think fast on my feet. There is alot of mental activity going on. If you look at the Page of Swords, he/she is also in a defensive posture. He looks like he’s trying to protect himself as well- and that is mentally how I feel right now, defensive and trying to stay one step ahead. The Page of Swords also talks of changeable situations that I’ll need to be alert and ready for. News that requires me to think and act fast.

Others is the Queen of Swords. Seeing this card also made me think that this is talking about a victory around legal, as this card always shows up to represent the mentally sharp (and alone) woman foe. She’s got a mind of steel.

If  it’s representing how others see me at the present, then they see me as on my game,  and self reliant. She can analyze situations and give good counsel. I know that my husband is seeing me in this manner while we go through these difficulties. But I’m more apt to assign this to the female adversary who is one smart cookie.

Hopes and fears is the 6 of Swords. I pray every day to be able to leave this discord, this battle behind; and move on to calmer waters and greener pastures 🙂 I’m battle weary, and am ready for a little less turbulence in our lives. maybe that distant shore has a sandy beach where I can lay down, feel the warmth of the sun and listen to the waves hit the shore??

The Outcome is a curious one. I think that the 2 of swords holds the key. I was taught that the 2 of swords represented need to make decisions. And actually it shows that the woman doesn’t really want to make that decision, hence the blindfold – but not making a decision, is in fact making one all the same.

There looks to be two opportunities, one of an emotional nature, and one of a practical, material nature.  Am I going to be presented with a choice between long term planning and practical matters, and something that’s more of an emotional opportunity; and I’m not going to be sure which way to go? I’ll probably want them both at the same time! lol

Another way to look at those 3 cards is that the 2 of swords also represents equilibrium, maintaining balance between opposing forces. According to Alfred Douglas “truth and beauty arising through strife and dissent. Truce, peace and justice through the perfect balance of opposing arms or elements.”

Just maybe, I will have both the material and the emotional opportunities and be able to balance them both.

A more simple explanation of the Outcome –

Knight of cups: a proposal, an offer – 2 of swords: a truce in a struggle, an agreement, a settlement –

Knight of Pentacles: an important event related to material concerns. A long standing venture will reach a positive outcome.

An offer to settle brings improved financial situation! simple and to the point!

Try combining in your next Celtic Spread and see what comes to you- it does add a different dimension.

best wishes,


Tarot, my old friend~

I was drawn to the tarot when I was very young. I would be accompanying my mother through the checkout line and see one of those Dell pocketbooks for reading your future with tarot, and my eyes would glaze. I would pick them up and gingerly thumb my way through it’s pages of wisdom. Sometimes, I’d even buy one with my allowance money! before I even had a deck of cards!

I firmly believe that this is a bleed-through from a former life. Those cards were my friends, once before, in some distant time, and I wanted badly to reconnect with them.

I finally got a tarot deck in my teens, and I’ve had many around me ever since….a day doesn’t go by when I don’t shuffle my old stand-bys and see what wisdom they want to share.

I went through a period of a year, where I started to lose interest in them. I think I hit a brick wall, and felt that I had reached a plateau with them. They just weren’t speaking to me in the same way! I got into a rut.

It was during this time that I started  discovering other card systems, and the enthusiasm that I had felt when I was young, was rekindled. I never stopped using the tarot, but wanted to hurry on to some other novelty. Then an interesting thing happened. As I was intensely learning the Lenormand which focuses greatly on card combinations, and reading with playing cards which has many correlations to the tarot, I found that my tarot reading was changing as well.  An entire new way of looking at the tarot just kind of sprung up before my eyes, and totally  reinvigorated me!

Now, I joyfully read again, and want to try different experiments with the cards.

If you find that you get stuck after years of reading, mix it up! try something completely different. You’ll then gain fresh eyes when you pick up your old standard – and fall in love all over again.


I’m a Queen of Pentacles 🙂

The Witches Tarot~

I decided to explore my Witches Tarot deck, which hasn’t seen the light of day in quite a few years! yikes! What struck me immediately was how different these 2 cards were.

The Seeker, looks to me that he has been on a long journey, and has finally made it up to a point where he can clearly see what is ahead of him. The wind blows forward…urging him on to the next stage of his journey; and there is something higher than him, that he is looking up to.

The 6 of Pentacles is very different than the Rider Waite deck; here we have a feast of plenty, and celebrating! In the LWB it says it denotes Prosperity, Healing, financial balance. A time of rejoicing and comfort to me…..

So these 2 cards want to say to me that the tough road that I’ve been on, has come to an end. There is a brighter future ahead, in the next phase of my life, where financial and emotional prosperity awaits.

This is not what I would have gleaned for a meaning traditionally! but it fits and it just popped out at me 🙂 So this was an interesting exercise, weaving stories strictly from the artwork and letting it flow- I can see that this is a great thing to do, and alot of fun! lol