Daily Draw with the Tarot~



I didn’t get a chance to do a draw until this evening because of the way the day unfolded; so I was curious whether or not this draw would represent what the day was like for me…and it did!

I used the Legend Arthurian Tarot on my sister blog: The Lenormand Oracle  to do a reading combining Tarot with the Lenormand. (It works really well)

I haven’t used these cards in awhile, so thought I would do a draw with them too 🙂 they are so subtle and pretty.

I always come up as the Queen of Pentacles, so I knew that this was talking about me. The Hanged Man, for me, is surrendering something up, or sacrifice. It can also represent spiritual growth and surrender to a higher wisdom. I’ve accepted a situation as it is, and am definitely giving up and letting go.

The 10 of Wands describes what that’s about. The 10 of Wands, is being or feeling burdened and stressed out. Having way more responsibilities than feel good at the moment. It’s Stress with a capital “S”-

And today, although nothing outwardly has changed; I surrendered everything – the stress, financial and emotional.

I even gave up being the one to be in charge of decorating the Xmas tree. I completely gave over the reins to my 2 older teens, who seemed befuddled at first! they didn’t trust their decisions as to where to put that perfect ornament 🙂 But I sat on the sidelines, not feeling strong enough to want to fuss over it anyway, and enjoyed telling them what a great job they were doing. It ended up great for all of us! lol

I’ve surrendered this holiday season, BIG TIME 🙂 and it’s been an interesting learning experience for the entire family. They’re so used to ‘Mom’ just making the holiday come together, now they have had to think about it and act.

I think I have a new tradition in the works now ….. lol

The Legend Arthurian Tarot

Today I decided to do a draw with a deck I haven’t looked at in many years, not because I don’t like it! but because I got in a rut for many years only using 1 or 2 decks. I’ve collected many decks for the art, and not for reading…..until now!!

If you click on the individual cards, a larger version will pop up –

This tarot deck is called the Legend Arthurian Tarot.

I drew the 2 of Shields (pentacles) and the Lovers.

Traditionally, I would say that we are juggling (successfully at the moment) to keep all our financial obligations going, and that we will be facing a decision soon…

Intuitively, just looking at the artwork, a few different ideas came to me. The 2 of Shields is unusual in that it doesn’t portray the classic guy juggling coins 🙂 Here, we have Castle Pendragon, and 2 people are on the bridge leading up to the castle, pausing and taking a rest. One, is leaning over the rail, looking down at the water, and the other is looking upwards, either to the sky or up at the castle. There is no hurry, there is no action, except taking in what is around. These 2 people just seem to be hanging around the home  (like we’re doing lately! lol…basically stuck)

The Lovers card next to it, shows a couple walking to the right. For me, it looks like the couple are walking away from the inaction, moving on towards something else. I know this is only a daily draw, but the 2 of Shields looks like it’s Spring, and the Lovers looks like Fall….so maybe these cards are telling me that by September, we’ll be active and moving on. The Lovers card looks lush as well, with lots of fauna surrounding them…harvest time…