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I’ve been wilting in the heat wave up here in Canada (who would have thought?) – and I’m renting temporarily a place with beautiful views, but no air conditioning!

Will be back shortly!

Back in the Saddle Again…..(I hope!)






I remember having these cards in a bigger reading a week or so ago. I offhandedly said that a Queen of Hearts friend of mine was ill. I thought she’d be traveling soon. I dismissed it, mainly because I’ve lost touch with many of my old friends and thought I wouldn’t know. And secondly it didn’t seem of much importance! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Why is it that it’s the card spreads you dismiss that come back in your face??

I was totally surprised to find that a dear friend who lives locally, and who I know has had some difficulties, announced she was going to Vancouver for 2 weeks to seek some alternative healing there. She’s at the end of her tether and can’t get any relief.

The Image usually refers to illness, but also can denote difficulties, worries, depression, trouble sleeping. It’s not a nice card to see. All of the above I can relate to this friend.

In the past, my husband and I would give her Reiki every week, and it helped immensely; but now we don’t live as near.

This morning in my cards, I had these cards:



As my friend, Kapherus pointed out, (where have you gone dear teacher?? no forum…:( )

the Image traditionally is the card of disappointment, illness and restriction. The Image refers to any situation that is out of balance. (Interestingly this is literally one of her issues.) It also can denote a visit to the doctor or a health professional.

Now for me, the Image is about getting one’s fondest wish, similar to the 9 Hearts/Cups or showing the thoughts of theย Image, positive, happy thoughts… I deducted from this that my friend, the Queen of Hearts, was going to be pleased with some healing modality she experienced while in Vancouver.

It traditionally denotes a young man, who is beloved. He could be the person’s son, or a person of either sex that the person has a close bond with. If it’s not a relative, then it might be referring to a young man that she meets who gives her some kind of treatment.

My intuition tells me she’s going to be satisfied with some healing experience she has over there.

I have 2 weeks to hear the outcome! I will definitely update once I know more.

I am always humbled how the cards show things very precisely whether I “get it” or not! This is why keeping a journal on your card spreads is so helpful in expanding your understanding of what the cards are telling you. You can go back and see with hindsight, what the message was.

It feels so good to write about the cards again!!!!!

Cartomancy is so much a part of who I am, that I felt like there has been a major hole in my life not writing on my blogs this past year or so. I’ve been on an incredible roller coaster ride, but somehow, I will get back to writing.

WordPress has changed in my absence, so bear with me as I learn the ropes all over again ๐Ÿ™‚







What I thought was going to be a short hiatus, turned into a year’s Odyssey! I never meant to be away for so long ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Moving across country, and having a few interim furnished apartments, living out of suitcases, has changed the way I view Life and what’s important. I’m still in that mode, but am finally starting to feel that the roller coaster ride that I’ve been on is slowing down.

I have continued to read the cards daily, and enjoy the messages I receive. Many insights, and many suprising hits.

It’s my plan to breathe some Life back into this blog later this month, and start posting on a regular basis again. There is always something new to learn with the cards, so they never grow stale.

I look forward to connecting with you all again – I have missed my blogging community greatly.

I hope you are well, and in a good place…….see you soon!!

love, Spiritsong

Two readings~

A few days ago, (April 15th to be exact…) I had 2 drawings that I thought were talking about the same thing. One draw was with the good old Gypsy cards, which are becoming increasingly more interesting! and the other was with the Playing cards.

With the Gypsy, I had:

and with the Playing cards I had:

With the Gypsy draw, I settled on either a message that was going to be “not so nice” for the Sweetheart (me) or that it was literally a message from someone who would be considered an enemy to me. Now I don’t think of anyone as my enemy! not really – it’s not the way I’m wired; but the Enemy card has come up in the past, referring to my ex-husband! Sad but true. As much as I have tried to have a friendship with him these past 10 years, it has been unbalanced and much more of an illusion than I realised for a long time. I sadly discovered that he had some major hang-ups still, over our split. So, unfortunately that’s him.

A message from my ex, coming to me….

Now with the Playing cards, I drew the King of Spades + 6 of Diamonds + Queen of Hearts.

He is always signified as the King of Spades. The 6 of Diamonds can mean communications, especially having to do with computers and the internet. It’s my email card among other things; and of course, the Queen of Hearts is me.

So here is another indicator of communications from my ex to me.

I promptly forgot about it, because I figured it had to be wrong! lol Recently, he said some horrible untruths about me on a phone call with my present husband. It hurt a lot. I knew that I would never contact him again, now that our kids are of age, and I figured after that outburst, I wouldn’t be hearing from him any time soon either!

Lo and behold! Today, April 18th (only 3 days later) I received not 1 message from him, but 3!!! Three emails! They were only forwards, but I just couldn’t believe that he had bothered…what’s the point???

The cards were right, even though I didn’t believe them! Go figure!

Kipper drawing~

Last week sometime, I drew these cards concerning my husband. At the time, we were having marvelous Spring-like weather, and we were all outside doing yard work. There were tons of leaves that needed to be cleared away etc. (I’ve just noticed that the Busy with Work card shows a man gardening! I had forgotten that! lol)

I warned at the time to my husband, not to overdo – especially with the Short Illness card following those 2 cards.

He didn’t overdo, but he ended up with a raging infection in one of his molars. The infection cleared up with a round of penicillin, but then the tooth fractured! He was definitely sidelined by it.

Today we made it to the dentist, where they were able to temporarily stabilise the tooth, until he can decide on whether to get a root canal and a crown, or just have the tooth pulled and get a bridge. Neither are very appealing options ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

The Kipper are very direct, and I am continually surprised at how accurate they are!

8 Hearts – Jack Spades – 5 Clubs

The 8 of Hearts bring celebration and good tidings. There are good times and something to appreciate, maybe a party!

The Jack of Spades can describe a young male with certain characteristics, but it also presents itself in my readings many times, like the Page of Swords (tarot). Sudden News that has to be dealt with quickly.

The 5 of Clubs heralds changes and action, either in business dealings or in social.

I would combine the Jack of Spades + the 5 Clubs to mean sudden developments, sudden changes.

So there is some kind of happy celebration because of sudden changes in a situation……


If the Jack is actually a person, it usually represents my oldest son. In that case there would be a lighthearted atmosphere with my son, over some kind of change he’s experiencing.

Either interpretation would be nice, but at the moment I hope for the first! Today is Judgement day with my husband’s legal case….it would certainly be nice to have a sudden change there that had us celebrating! ๐Ÿ™‚


I am a very proud permanent resident of Canada, and look forward to the day when I can become a citizen. There is something very special about this country and it’s people.

As I became caught up in the Olympics, I was right there with my Canadian friends rooting for Team Canada in the Men’s Hockey finals (Sorry U.S. – it was Canada’s time)

There were wonderful commercials that played on CTV during the games. This commercial just had us laughing heartedly and I wanted to share it –

It’s rare that I veer off from cartomancy, but I’ve got Canadian fever right now ๐Ÿ™‚ lol

Congratulations to all the athletes!

I’m out sick with a respiratory illness – will try to be back tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚

The Oracle of Fortuna

Jason on his great blog, Jase on Cards, wrote an interesting article about an Oracle system devised by Ophiel, using a deck of playing cards. It was not something I had heard of before, although I have a series of Ophiel’s books in pdf.

Lo and behold! I discovered that I had it in my vast collection and had never noticed it!

I thought I would share this pdf with any interested cartomancers, as it’s availability and price are ridiculous.

SO for a limited time, you can get it here.