2010 already!

Happy New Year Everyone! I took the month of December and early Jan. off from writing. I needed a break and some time to deal with family and holidays.

I never stopped reading the cards (haha) but found that I was feeling burned out from outside pressure and needed some time to rest and re-group. I’m doing better now, and have missed everyone.

I’ve discovered that when you are going through an intense Life lesson, the “dailies” turn into a themed message for the most part. I have had a scattering of true dailies in the past month, some which I will share; but more often than not, the cards wanted to reiterate to me that I was going to be fine, and that legal/financial issues would clear up.

Unfortunately, having the cards keep repeating 2 major issues can make for frustration!

The legal case should be finished one way or the other next week, as my husband travels back to the states to go to court one last time. We are planning on having a ceremonial burning of the tarot deck that we used throughout that ordeal to clear the energy, and buy a new deck to start this year off.

(I have many collector decks, but I don’t offer them up to my intense Tiger husband! lol – so it’s time for a new everyday tarot deck for him to use. I’m funny about the decks I’ve collected throughout my life……I guess a little eccentric! I just  don’t want other people using them regularly! does anyone else feel that way about their collection?)

I’m going to go make a cup of tea now, and look through my notes to see what I’d like to post 🙂 Be back in a little while~

Here’s to a Happy New Year &  a fresh New Chapter………..

Hello everyone :)

A great deal has been happening around my family, some of it very stressful. Although my readings continue on to show not only relief, but great success, we aren’t there yet …..and have been challenged to really think outside of the box to stay above water. This has been a humbling experience to say the least!

I have had some interesting synchronicities and I feel, help from Spirit.

My husband decided he would try to sell his dress watch for some much needed funds. He put up an ad on Kijiji with the details. A day later, a nice gentleman called him inquiring about the watch. As the conversation unfolded, it turned out that he was also an Englishman who emigrated to Canada, and amazingly had lived in the same little town that my husband had for years! He knew all the places that we did! lol. That was strange in itself, but the clincher came when he told my husband that he had posted a ‘Wanted’ ad for the exact model of watch that my husband posted for sale!!! We hadn’t seen it!

I definitely think that the Universe lined up that nice match 🙂

Today, just after a rushed morning with a house showing, we were sitting in the kitchen having a bite to eat. Both of us were very surprised to see this funny looking little white animal with a black spot on it’s tail. I had to ‘Google’ it to be sure that my guess was correct- it was a really cute ferret! Something you never see around here (and I guess was an escaped pet). He did a very funny charm routine with us through the window; it made us both laugh and lighten up after all the stress.

When I have sightings out of the norm of an animal, there is usually a spiritual message there for me. Knowing nothing about ferrets, I did a little research and came across this entry about the spiritual significance of a ferret:

“The ferret is a member of the weasel family.  They are happy playful animals with the curiosity of the raccoon and the gentleness of a kitten.  Archaeological and historical sources suggest that ferrets have been domesticated for at least 2,500 years.  Historical documents from Greece mention the ferret about 450 BC, and Roman documents mention the use of ferrets to hunt rabbits at about the time of Christ. Adept at tunnel hunting it is believed that the ferret was used by the Egyptians as well as farmers and mariners to control rodent populations in barns and on ships.  However, the history of the ferrets domestication is speculative without actual proof giving this little animal an illusive quality.

Ferrets are opportunists  They will steal anything they can drag away hiding it in a safe place to be used at a later date.  Intelligent and crafty this little animal teaches us how to use our ingenuity to create a safe haven for ourselves.  They remind us to stock up on  necessary provisions that might be needed.  Always well prepared for any situation that might appear the ferret is a helpful ally in times of hardship.

The ferrets eyes point forward straight down their nose.  Extremely focused on what is in front of them they remind us to stay centered on our goals to reach a desired outcome. Ferrets hold the power of observation. Their keen sense of smell coupled with their ability to see clearly in the darkness links them to the underworld where the secrets of creation are stored.  Its intuition is sharp and its sensitivity acute. Ferret has the ability to see and know the hidden meaning behind all things and can assist those with this medicine in understanding themselves, their lives and the experiences they have more clearly.

Those with this totem need to remember to use all of their senses equally. If this medicine is underdeveloped the tendency towards tunnel vision is common. Rigid consciousness creates unnecessary worry and anxiety so caution is advised. Playful activities and a lighthearted attitude is helpful.

When frightened or excited the ferrets tail bushes up and a musty scent is excreted. Although this scent does repel some predators the ferret does not feel completely safe until it has burrowed deep inside its tunnel. In man this symbolizes the need of a secure home life.  A place for reflection and nourishment is mandatory for those with this totem.

Ferrets are incredibly fast and agile and show us how to move with lightning speed to avoid danger.  Do you need to move more quickly in some aspect of your life?  Are you stuck in rigid thought patterns that limit your view of the bigger picture?  Have you created a safe haven for yourself?  Is your power of observation a hindrance or a help?

Always remember that the ferret is a powerful ally and can help you discover a hidden part of yourself. Buried deep beneath the surface are the answers to life’s mysteries.  If you are having trouble understanding some part of your life invite the ferret into your meditation, listen to what it has to tell you and then act accordingly.”

I resonated with this message greatly! I will definitely invite this little fellow into my meditation and see what happens.

I hope that Life will finally settle down shortly and leave me some time and energy to be active here on the blog again.

In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving this week to all my fellow Americans down South….may you have a wonderful Holiday.

Oh ohh, here I go again!


I’ve had an unexpected absence…one that only cryptically showed up in any of my card systems, surprisingly!

I had the Queen of Pentacles and the 4 of Swords in a recent celtic spread but didn’t take the hint.

A couple of days ago, as I was walking from the hallway to the family room, I made a misstep on the small riser and went flying through the air into the family room. My ankle completely gave way and I spent an agonising 1/2 hour curled up on the floor with my husband giving me Reiki. My dreams had shown me being out of commission (actually in the hospital!) but luckily, I seem to be managing with it wrapped and walking carefully with a cane. When you push too hard, and don’t take time to rest and nurture yourself, the Universe will slow you down one way or another! I didn’t take heed to the warning and am paying the consequences 🙂 oh well. On to a post about cards! ~Spiritsong

Check out this wonderful work!!!

I wanted to bring to your attention the work of a very talented artist. He is a member of another cartomancy forum that I frequent and I’m continually inspired by his work.

He has just created a very simple, but elegant Lenormand deck that I thought you might be interested in. It’s called the Lenormand Arlo. 






Arlo has also made an array of absolutely breathtaking boxes for your tarot and oracle card collections.

Here is an example:



As soon as I am in funds, I plan on obtaining a deck and one of his gorgeous boxes 🙂

Check out his and his wife’s Etsy store here.

4 of Pentacles + The Fool + 6 of Wands

I have been lax in posting more tarot readings, forgive me! I read tarot daily (both my husband and I do) and I have always gleaned great insights from the cards. I think it’s just that after years of reading strictly tarot, I was excited to share all the different oracle cards that are pretty cool too! but I must remember to give credit to my first love, Tarot.

I included in my morning draws, a 3 card tarot draw besides doing my daily celtic reading.

This is what I drew:

4 of DisksFool6 of wands

The 4 of Pentacles (discs) on a basic level can denote financial stability. It can describe having personal control and self reliance. Now I’ve got to be honest, if any of you have been reading my posts for awhile, this year has been just the opposite for my family….filled with shifting sands financially. It’s been a very humbling experience for someone who has lived a pretty prosperous life.

I was pleased to see this card, as in combination with the Fool and the 6 of Wands I believe it is telling me that I’m about to start a new chapter in my life with financial security and accomplishment.

The 4 of Pentacles can refer to a gift or an inheritance on it’s way, and as we are waiting on 2 different lots of funds to arrive, (one to do with a legal win) it’s possible the victory felt has to do with that.

Simply put, I think that a new financial chapter is about to begin that will be very successful 🙂

The only warning here, with the 4 of pentacles is not to be stingy! after being without for so long, I mustn’t hold on too tight. We are being taken care of, I know – so I must keep the energy flowing and remember to stay generous.


I hope everyone is having a nice summer 🙂

I have been distracted on many fronts, and unable to write the last few weeks. I had a major problem with my computer where Windows Explorer kept crashing on me – I had to totally wipe my computer in the end, so I’ve been without comunication means for awhile. I’m finally up and running again, so I hope to begin posting again shortly!

One of my sons just returned home for a visit as well, looking way too slim after contracting the Swine flu last month. He is better, thank goodness, but needing extra food to put some meat back on those bones.

We’ve also put our house up for sale, in preparation for transferring out West this Fall. It’s been busy busy! I continue to do lenormand and the other oracles daily, and they’ve turned very bright in their messages. It’s been a long tough year, but that’s now becoming a thing of the past.

Wonderful new adventures await!

See you soon 🙂


Thank you

I want to thank everyone for their well wishes. I was able to get in to see our dentist, even though I couldn’t pay….he was very kind, and got me temporarily sorted until we have funds next week. I’m pretty sore!!! It’s amazing how if anything goes funny in the mouth, it takes over everything. Sadly, there was too much infection and deterioration with the tooth under the temp crown…they’re not going to be able to save it. I had to keep putting off getting it fixed because of health and finances–what a year. I’ve never lost a tooth before, and got to admit, I cried. I know he’ll fix me up as though it never happened…but I’m mourning my tooth! lol

Not a nice day :(

I’ve had a very strange day of not feeling quite well. I thought I was getting to a better place, when this afternoon my crown fell out!!

I can barely talk, forget eating…and am in a bit of pain 😦  so hopefully after an emergency trip to the dentist in the morning, and I can write about the cards.

Best wishes,


ps- my last draw summed it up clearly!

Gypsy cards: Fortune – Journey – Letter


I was drawn immediately to the Journey and Letter card. A message coming from a long way.

The Fortune card tells of great luck, a change in finances, something wonderful is coming my way via a message. The Letter might refer to documents on their way to us.

The Journey card speaks of changes that are on the way; a transformation taking place. Being placed next to the Fortune I can only surmise that this is a very beneficial change.

This would  be a good draw to represent a lottery win! with the Letter meaning a ticket. I have two lottery tickets for this weekend…wouldn’t that be a kick? 🙂

Gypsy cards: Baby – Lover – Hope


These 3 cards are very optimistic. The Baby, as in the Kipper cards, talks about new beginnings, new projects, a new chapter or feelings. Whatever this new thing is, it affects my mate (Lover) in a very positive way.
The Hope card next to him shows a new optimism, a lightening of his Spirit. It’s believing in a positive outcome; some new thing, or an offer brings about a change in his heart and confidence that all will be well.  Now the Hope card can also refer to a fair haired woman. The woman who he has been fighting in the courts happens to be blonde. Maybe she offers him something?

Looking closely at the Hope card, we see a woman standing firmly on the coast, standing with an Anchor that she’s got control of. The Anchor is a symbol of stability, and again, of being grounded. She’s on firm, solid ground, so to speak. The Ship is moving out to sea, with it’s sails fully working. The wind is moving it away and the clouds with it.

She stands unruffled, nonchalantly letting 3 roses fall through the air. The number 3 is the number of manifestation, of growth. Why roses though? they’re a symbol of passion….there’s a “wind in the sails”…is this also the card of new passion/enthusiasm? Just a thought.

This card comes up to mean recovery, or financial security. It can also mean a journey, so it’s possible that some new project or proposal sends him off travelling.

All I can tell for sure, is that this is a good change for him.