Oracle Ge: (10)The Ship – (42)The Arrows – (30)The Scales

40 Journey42 Arrows30 scales

After a lovely post from Samson 🙂 I was inspired to pull out my Oracle Ge deck that was hiding on the bookshelf, and pull 3 cards to see what message they had for me.

The Ship card represents travel of all sorts; going on a journey.

The Arrows card represents indecision. There is a choice to be made, but there is hesitation for some reason.

The Scales card tells what kind of travel this relates to: Business.

I would not be the one who would be required to travel on business; it would be my husband. I suspect that there will be a proposal for me to accompany him somewhere on business, and I won’t be too sure if I want to go. It must be about the timing, and whether I can arrange home matters in such a way, that I would be comfortable leaving.

There have been some lenormand draws showing last minute travel for my husband…so this must be a bit sudden, and hence the hesitation.

Nice to see choices coming again though!