Oracle Ge nails it-

36 heart9 snail22 candle

This was an interesting draw that I did with the Oracle Ge a few days ago. I left them sitting out and hadn’t evaluated them until yesterday because I had been out of commission with my tooth again. What I discovered really impressed me about these cards.

The Broken Heart talks about disappointments and a certain sadness. This happened to be true on a few fronts.

The Snail talks about slow going, things taking a lo-o-n-ng time (!). It’s having slow developments or delays.

So the first two cards show my disappointment over the pace of something.

What was so interesting to me, was that the last card hit the nail on the head what I was most disappointed about!

The Candle represents everything mystical and the occult. It’s the card for clairvoyance and everything psychic.

I had a chuckle when I read this, and fervently nodded. Before I got sick this week, I listened to a fascinating interview of Drunvalo Melchizdek on Coast to Coast AM; he is famous for his Flower of Life workshops of the 90’s (which I took). He shared some absolutely amazing spiritual experiences that he had had, and I enjoyed hearing the interview immensely.

Afterwards though, I felt a deep longing, and a disappointment that my own adventures have seemed to have been put on hold! (not totally true, but that’s how I felt emotionally). I couldn’t seem to pivot from my unhappy thoughts on this matter, and on top of other challenges going on around me, I ended up sick for 2 days staying in bed!

Now that I’m feeling better, and had a chance to read the meanings of these cards, I could only smile and agree that the Oracle Ge called it right. The only way to get in a better feeling place is to devote time each day to my meditative practices again…simple as that. It’s time to get moving again!

How very cool when cards you don’t know can hit it on the head so succinctly 🙂