Kipperkarten: Court+Expectation+Unexpected Money


Court is self-explanatory 🙂 Court+Expectation describes us waiting for a decision from the judge tomorrow.

Ending in Unxpected Money! I certainly hope this means that there is a decision made that brings money sooner than we have expected 🙂

Expectation + Unexpected Money though, could have the meaning of  money coming in the period of 3 months! God I hope not! This is someone else’s interpretation of this combo, but I would argue that if you have to wait 3 months then it is no longer unexpected money!!!!!

So hopefully my first thoughts are the correct one on this draw. I ought to be able to update this one quickly 🙂

Kipper~ Court+Pleasing Letter+Rich Good Lord

23 Court7  Pleasing Letter13 Rich Good Lord

I was pretty pleased to see these this morning. Once again, they are pointing to a certain, very important issue in our lives: the legal case.

The Court and the Pleasing Letter can mean a decision from the court, or a letter of the court. It’s pleasing news from ‘authority’, or crucial news.

The Pleasing Letter and the Rich Good Lord literally can mean good news from the lawyer!

I keep getting cards referring to this! Now it needs to manifest already! I don’t need any more messages- I need action!!! lol NOW!!

Kipper and Gypsy draws


As I just wrote on my sister blog, The Lenormand Oracle, all of my draws were talking about the same thing today!

I don’t think I’ve ever had that happen before – from Tarot Celtic spread to Oracle cards – all about the same topic, so something major must be about to happen.

Here we have  Court – Coffin – Love and Friendship.

The combination of Court and Coffin give the meaning of an ending to a legal matter, or a court decision. It’s finally coming to an end.

Love and Friendship says that it ends well for us, that we’re happy. Pleasant outcome to this situation, there is an agreement.

The Gypsy cards reflected another part of this theme:


Wow! Visit can mean literally that, as in Fortune visits us; or it can refer to a meeting.

A meeting taking place, that brings about the fortune coming from the legal matter.

The Judge is either referring to the actual Judge in this matter playing a role in ending it”, or it’s just describing that it’s an official matter, or fair justice.

It definitely means money is coming and that this is being resolved fairly.

It’s rare that I actually get excited over card draws, they’re more of a puzzle for me to happily play with; but today, it’s like the bird hitting the window! It’s saying “take note – something major is happening!”

I’d be surprised if this went past this week without some kind of news. I will update as always 🙂



Kipper draw~ updated*


The card #7 Pleasing Letter and the card #23 Court means news of a decision, or news from the court. So I know this draw deals with the legal matter, as the post  below with the Gypsy cards did. I was at first confused with the Rich Good Lord being there, but after a little research understand it’s meaning.

For one, #13 Rich Good Lord can represent a young man, business oriented; it can also represent banking, financial transactions.

It could represent the younger of the two lawyers on our case, giving us the Court’s news; but I think it goes deeper than that. The Rich Good Lord can also be describing an event. As such, it’s favorable, successful, or of an official nature..

When you combine the #23 Court with the #13 Rich Good Lord you also get the meanings of a judicial procedure that is connected with the bank. Maybe the Court will force her to pay? I don’t know, but there is a hint of financial transactions connected to news from the court.

This smacks of a settlement being reached to me! It doesn’t seem to matter what type of deck I use, they are all trying to convey similar messages (as they should!)- but I’m just still so in awe to see the messages unfold.

As with the Lenormand, there are plenty of layers of meanings when you learn to successfully combine the cards.At first, you think it’s pretty clear cut, one dimensional; but then as you continue working with them you discover the more subtle nuances and a whole new world opens up!

Working regularly with these decks, that new language is starting to really unfold.

Update: only a few hours later, I received an email from the younger lawyer (I was right, even though that’s not how I would have perceived him!) of court news.
It’s not a financial deal yet- but the right person came forward and had news from the judge…that’s a hit! This draw came about very quickly!